City Hustler, singer revolutionizing Ugandan music in the Diaspora

City Hustler born Damulira Joel Joesph Mayombwe is a Canada based Ugandan singer who’s is changing the way how people perceive musicians in the diaspora.
Just like his name, City Hustler has hustled his way to the top and being one of the most recognized and sought after Ugandan musicians abroad
How It Started
Growing up a fan of Ugandan music, Hip Hop and Luga Flow specifically, City Hustler developed the love for music and had a dream of becoming a musician since his childhood.
After completing his Form six UNEB exams, City left Uganda to Canada in search for greener pastures and this is where he decided to take on music as a profession, however while in Uganda, he was a choreographer and a dancer and it should be noted that he used to be in a Dance group called Zion Dancer, a crew that made a name in dancing Bboy and also featuring in a couple of Ugandan Musicians’ music Videos
According to the singer, his draws inspiration from artists like GNL Zambia, Rocky Giant and Babaluku who used to come and rap for them at their church during his time in Uganda, other artists that inspire him are American super stars like Eminem, 50 Cent and Jay among others.
City is a Versatile artist who not only do different genres of music but also plays almost all music instruments, he is known for his unique and exceptional style, we’re he adds Trap to almost every genre he does which include Hip Hop, Dancehall, Afro Beat and Luga Trap among others
But just all other success stories, City Hustler hasn’t found it smooth for himself especially doing music in diaspora where he revealed to us how it is hard to make it and be recognized in Ugandan music industry if you’re based in the diaspora, according to him, it’s hard to find the right promoters, radios and media personalities that connect with artists in the diaspora. He says there’s a huge gap between the Diaspora industry and the one in Uganda
The singer has so far registered over 10 songs under his name and amongs these are the most notable ones “ Boss Lady “ which has received a massive airplay and reception from music lovers, other songs include “Kiki” Cold City, and Move So among others
Here is how to listen to City Hustlers music

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