DILEMMA: Punic As New Dossier Reveals Rot At Uganda Airlines

One of the Uganda Airlines Planes in the skies

One of the Uganda Airlines Planes in the skies

When some officials at Uganda Airlines were recently sent on leave, Taxpayers were full of joy that certain leaders are now walking the talk in the fight against Corruption.

However, a fresh dossier by an insider has painted doom for the National airliner if its contents are to go by.

‘’To whistle-blower, it was like ‘’jumping from a frying pan

into the fire’’.


I want to bring to open the troubles at our new Uganda Airlines and how it is going to collapse soon. This place has become like hell after the suspension of some staff orchestrated by the current Acting CEO Jenifer Bamuturaki and Ag. Director Safety & Security Wegoye Steven, (a position he created for himself yet never was on the company approved organogram) and both paying themselves a gross monthly salary of UGX60million in addition to other unspeakable benefits.

All employees here are working under stress and fear of being sacked and Uganda Airlines now exercises a very PUNITIVE approach contrary to required aviation industrial safety-related practices for a safe operation desirous to our travelling public, the taxpayer.

Jenifer is a SWASA graduate from MUK with a 5days IATA training certificate in marketing running down a country’s critical infrastructural project (National Airline) because of vengeance and retribution for having been earlier sacked due to corruption and incompetence all that which is common knowledge to most of the staff at work here today not forgetting her Sex scandals with some contactor to be highlighted soon.

Now we stand to lose even critical partnerships earlier achieved with players like Emirates Airlines due to this incompetence at the leadership of the company.

Capt. Wegoye Steven is not much better with a UACE certificate and expired pilots license and a One-day safety training course.

He proudly brings along 3- Aircraft Accidents Two of which are write-offs and his colleagues usually refer to him as an “accident Pilot” having lastly survived a car accident after his retirement leaving him on a walking stick.

Quite arrogant and yells “F” words to staff through the corridors assuring us how they were sent by H.E the President/statehouse.

Recently, the dual has been rejected by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) for confirmation in these critical positions as Accountable Manager and Director Safety respectively though we have learned that they have mounted pressure on the Permanent Secretary Ministry Of Works to coerce UCAA to bend the regulation for them.

Anything is possible in Uganda today even amidst the upcoming IACAO audit on UCAA.

Employees pray the UCAA can stand to protect this company based on facts; otherwise it will close just like former Air Uganda in 2014.

Jenifer has now resorted to rewarding some staff to help falsify documents to implicate some of the suspended staff to arrive at a total termination of the same.

It’s also evident to us all that the suspended staff were maliciously sent home.I wonder if she has not confiscated yet the procurement file about her company Abbavater to clean it up.

How do we even expect to get a fair report from this investigation team that will stop at nothing but satisfy the person with the money?

She has reinstated her close allies such as former country manager Juba one Moses Kisembo who the company had withdrawn and demoted after stealing huge sums of money from the airline office in Juba through stage managing a robbery in a similar way he did years back while at Air Uganda.

While on demotion and working as a duty manager here at Entebbe hub, Kisembo Moses received a bribe together with a DAS handling Company employee to smuggle Alcohol on Uganda Airlines aircraft to Mogadishu in Somalia.

The Aircraft was grounded in Somalia only for the UPDF to intervene and negotiate the release of the aircraft promising to bring to book all involved.

DAS handling Company terminated her responsible employee whereas Uganda Airlines rewarded Moses Kisembo with redeployment (promotion) back to Juba as Country Manager.

We are all aware in aviation that Al shabab militants will stop at nothing but shoot down any aircraft known to smuggle Alcohol into their Islamic country of Somalia.

This is a safety concern to the airline, government and those travelling on these flights. These thugs shouldn’t risk people’s lives, especially the pilots flying there every day.

Recently, we were shocked to see former Air Uganda sacked Human Resources Manager one John Kasangaki at office followed by an internal memo to staff introducing him as a Human Resource consultant.

This man swindled money while at Air Uganda including workers’ gratuity. He largely contributed to the failure of Air Uganda and I guarantee you this Uganda Airlines will not last long with these thugs in charge however much Taxpayers’ money the government injects.

I pity poor Ugandans applying for the recently advertised jobs yet some of Jenifer’s people are already here working with us.

One wonders the relevance of Uganda Airlines having a country manager here in Uganda where the Commercial director, Commercial manager and CEO all sit in the same country.

The recent fuel saga in Tanzania is just the beginning of visible trouble at the Airline to the public. Many more will come soon as many suppliers here demand their payments in pain and have lost trust.

Her aim is to frustrate the current suppliers and find new ones who will pay kickbacks like we understand she did and is still doing with the GSA in Mogadishu, one she forcefully recruited and now all the money meant to come through excess baggage hardly makes it to the airline accounts but to her and her relatives.

We are worried about the imminent collapse of our dear Airline due to Incompetence, vengeance, Retribution, intrigue, nepotism, corruption and blatant lies to the Head of state.

It’s now clear to everyone here that with the way they fidget, supposed evidence to implicate the suspended staff doesn’t exist and worry is should those people seek legal measures, our dear company will go to its knees through heavy litigation but these people don’t care for as long as they are stealing and telling Government lies yet it’s now clear to all of us.

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