Stella and Malcom, the hosts of Skizzy

After a long struggle looking for jobs, former Big Brother Africa representative Stellah Nantumbwe has finally secured a slot at Urban TV.

Stella and Malcom, the hosts of Skizzy
Stella and Malcom, the hosts of Skizzy

Ellah was officially unveiled at the industrial area based TV yesterday and she will be working on the evening entertainment program, Skizzy.

She will be co hosting the show with Shovon Malcom who also doubles as a Radio personality.

She took to her social media handles to express her happiness to her followers and fans upon securing the job.

“Tune in to Urban Television everyday for Skizzy! With Shovon and I!!! Catch all your entertainment news right there,” she posted.

Ellah’s employment at Urban tops up the list of former Big Brother representatives working at Vision Group after several others have been employed there.

Denzel Mwyiyeretsi, Kyle Duncan, Ernest Wasake have been given juicy positions at Vision Group though some axed since they were not fit for the job

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