Emirates Boosts Dubai Travel With Quick Visa Processing

Emirates airlines has made Dubai travel much easier and convenient.

UAE Visa can now be processed within 48 hours
UAE Visa can now be processed within 48 hours

You can now process a Visa to UAE within 48 hours.

This has reduced the amount of time for travelers to acquire a visa to the Middle East nation.

All that is needed is to book a travel with Emirates airline from offices of Emirates Uganda, fill in the required forms and Pay the necessary fees for acquiring the Visa.

Successful applications are submitted by the Airline on behalf of the traveler, and once approved the Visas are ready for collection from the Emirates office within a maximum period of 48 hours.

“Supporting our Ugandan travelers to acquire the Visa for the UAE is part our service to facilitate the ease to travel and visit the UAE. Our team is committed to making travel hassle free by handling the process for our passengers within a short period of time”, said Khalid Al Zarouni Emirates Country Manager

“Ugandans can still apply for a travel visa at the UAE embassy, however we can save our travellers time by handling the process, making it convenient and easy. Our goal is to make our passengers travel as comfortable and pleasant as possible”. Khalid further explained.

Since the launching of the service, many Ugandan travelers have taken advantage of the simple, quick and convenient way to acquire a visa for the UAE. Dubai is one of the leading travel destinations for Ugandans and the visa process has helped them save time and costs by applying for the UAE visa directly at the Emirates Uganda office.

Emirates flies to 133 destinations in 77 countries on state-of-the-art aircraft where passengers can experience Emirates award-winning in-flight service and in-flight entertainment system.

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  1. Your visa processing is very much useful for almost all Ugandans who are wishing to travel to Dubai. Online visa service is available to avoid the lengthening visa procedures and lowest the cost of processing.

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