EXCLUSIVE: Herdsman languishes in Prison over Museveni’s stolen Cow

By Pepper Intelligence Unit

Mpigi – A Uganda-Rwanda border-like tension is brewing between a herdsman and his supervisor over a stolen cow belonging to President Yoweri Museveni.

The cow, which has not been traced since December last year, got lost after it broke through one of the president’s many kraals (okucwa) together with two others and wondered in the neighbourhood of Kisozi, in Gomba District, without a trace.

The herdsman, a one Caleb Nuwabiine, 20, managed to rescue two of the three cows but one went missing prompting his supervisor, Miss. Kamatenenti to order for his arrest and detention on Christmas Day, December 25, 2019.

Pepper Intelligence Unit (PIU) has established that the boy has been languishing in a police cell at Mpigi Central Police Station without trial because the entire investigative and trial teams fear to get involved in a case where the president’s cow has been stolen.

Attempts by his parents to secure justice for him have also failed with police officers fearing repercussions from the boy’s manager or even people close to the president.

PIU understands that his father, a one Tandeka from Lwemiyaga in Ssembabule District, who tried to rescue him from police cells in January, was briefly arrested allegedly on the orders of Miss Kamateneti, for being idle and disorderly. It took the intervention of the DPC to have him get bond after one week in detention.

Three months down the road, with the boy’s fate undecided, the frustrated parents approached PIU yesterday with an appeal to the President to intervene and save their son whom they maintain is not only innocent but he is being victimized by the manager. They also maintain that the boy’s colleague herdsmen at the president’s ranch has so many complaints against the manager but they are blocked from talking to the head of state whenever he comes to check on his beloved cows.

“The President is always shielded from talking to the herdsmen. He only asks about the newly born calves (encwamutwe) and their lineage and that’s all,” Nuwabiine’s mother Mrs Nduhuukyire told PIU last evening.

Frustrated and unable to reach out to anyone for help, Nuwabiine’s mother narrated the full story to a PIU undercover reporter last evening and below are the full excerpts:

Please Red Pepper, help me fix this story in your media maybe the President will see it. I want you to help me with a story about a woman manager of the President’s ranch in Kisozi who is harassing workers and no one not even the police or courts can say anything about her.

The current victim is Caleb Nuwabine my son. He’s a grandson of Kasabiiti a widow of the late Rucwakabungo, a prominent born-again of Rwemiyaga in Ssembabule District. He’s languishing in prison on the orders of Kamatenesi the woman who works as the herdsmen Manager.

Before Christmas, Caleb asked for his salary that had accumulated to 2 Million shillings. He earns Shs 250,000/= per month. Instead of helping with what was due to him, Kamatenesi barked at saying she didn’t want to hear of the young man’s pleas. She called the police and ordered for Caleb’s arrest claiming that he had stolen a cow. Caleb says that a few days before, management had brought three cows to join a kraal that was next to the one he looks after. These cows called Engyenyi (new to the herd) broke through the enclosure and ran away (okucwa)

There being on permanent herdsman in that particular Kraal, Kamatenesi ordered Caleb to look for the cows

Two of the cows were recovered but one went missing. So when Caleb asked for his salary arrears towards Christmas, he was told that he had stolen the missing cow and would never be paid until he returned it. He was promptly arrested and thrown into the police cells at Mpigi and has not been tried in court.

We have tried our best to go to court in Mpigi but have failed to have him tried. He remains in prison. Not even the Magistrate talks about Caleb for fear of Kamatenesi who abuses whoever asks about the young man. We have tried to ask other managers from the ranch but we get an impression that Kamatenesi does what she pleases and they will never open their mouths.

One time in January when my husband tried to follow up the matter with the police at Mpigi, Kamatenesi ordered for his arrest on charges of idle and disorderly. A relative here in Kampala is the one who later called the DPC and he was released on bond.

I want my son tried so he can prove his innocence. Why would he steal the president’s cow when every one wishes to work for him?

We have tried to hire lawyers but they are asking for to much money we don’t have. These herdsmen never talk personal issues with the president whenever he visits. But there is a lot going on there which is not right.

My son says no one can dare try to Mzee’s (President Museveni) cows because there are soldiers always patrolling the ranch.

The problem is that this woman Kamatenesi is victimizing my son and several others who cannot talk. She doesn’t pay their money yet we know it is always available on time.

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