WARNING; Ebola virus stays in sperms after recovery, survivors to wait for 90 days to bonk

The executive director of Uganda Virus Research Institute, Prof Pontiano Kaleebu, has revealed that Ebola survivors will patiently have to wait for at least 3months to be able to engage in sexual intercourse.
He has explained that research has it that though Ebola is not considered a sexually transmitted infection, in some studies, experts have found the virus in sperms after recovery.

So, the Ministry of Health has advised Ugandans for all Ebola survivors before returning home will have their blood vigorously tested in the Lab to ensure no virus in their bodies.

“Before returning home, Ebola patients will have their blood tested in the laboratory to ensure the virus is no longer in their body. However, people who have recovered from the illness should not have sex for at least three months unless they use condoms,” the Ministry of Health’s advisory reads partly.

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