FDC To Government: Stop Harrasing Besigye

Dr Kiiza Besigye (C) being arrested recently.

Dr Kiiza Besigye (C) being arrested recently.
Dr Kiiza Besigye (C) being arrested recently.

Uganda’s main opposition party, Forum for Democratic Change-FDC has asked government to stop the continuous arrest of its former leader Kiiza Besigye. 

Wafula Ogutu, the FDC spokesperson says despite not committing any crime Besigye is repeatedly arrested by police for no good reason.

The FDC appeal comes a few days after Besigye was arrested and held at Nagalama police station for allegedly knocking a police vehicle, a charge the former opposition leader vehemently denies.

Wafula says when Besigye was leaving the party he convinced them that they should get a two pronged approach against the government which included activism and political front.

He claims that government is trying to find a way of eliminating their former leader adding that, government will be answerable should anything happen to Besigye in detention.

Wafula also blasted Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni for alleging that FDC is responsible for vote rigging especially in Kampala.

While presiding over the 28th liberation celebrations, president Museveni said they are working on a computerized system to issue national Identity cards that will also be used during the 2016 general elections.

According to President Museveni the FDC has had a tendency of stealing votes and that is why he loses in Kampala. However, an irritated Wafula wondered how FDC could rig elections if they do not have access to the Electoral commission tally system. He cites the example of Wakiso where Besigye polled 404 votes and was given 4 votes.

Jotham Talemwa, the Electoral Commission spokesperson says rigging elections occurs in many ways such as paying voters and registering the same voters in different places. He is hopeful that all this will change once the biometric system is implemented starting 18th February to get rid of multiple voting.

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9 thoughts on “FDC To Government: Stop Harrasing Besigye

  1. May be FDC needs to look in the mirror, ask Besigye to stay out of the Nation’s way and star focussing on major issues facing Ugandans aside from Museveni. Museveni will one day go but what about these foreigners who are slowly colonizing us again and making it hard for us to do business. For us as Ugandans our issues are not just Museveni and Besigye can not fight for us any more. He tried but oba he has expired just like the person he is fighting. We need to refocus our wars and stay off the streets.

    1. What kamara? are you real-who is in the nation’s way dr besigye or Museveni and NRM who are perpetuating corruption, looting, pillage and killings.

      1. Both of them. In all honesty there is no positive change that Besigye has brought. He and his Arch enemy are both in our way, but Besigye is a distraction to the major battles to redeem this country, we somehow think he is the Alpha and Omega of this battle yet not. I am afraid of any movement to change an establishment that does not involve the masses.

    2. Bwana Kamara, if not Dr KB who else can fight on our behalf? Dr KB is doing the right thing.
      Long live Dr KB the only living martyr Uganda has. Long live the people’s president and long live FDC. Your lucky to have seen a living martyr.

    3. Know well that Museveni has expired and Dr Kiza Besigye mus come on the stage to do his part just as Ugandan Leaders have done but with Dr Besigye with a difference in service delivery because what he has to do is to be pro People of Uganda without discrimination.

  2. It is only our cowardness that has kept this government in power, even a mere word talking about change will lead you to sleep in a police cell, why dont we take so much courage like Ukraine? ‘We are so tired that am ready to die for a good cause but alone will not be worth and enough. Ugandans lets do something please. Kipoi where are you? Kony give us some tactics, Sejusa what are you waiting for, Lakwena are you for real, heart attack where are you?, these are words of desperate soul which is suching for Change no matter what your background is, lets come together and after we can have elections. But who will go first? Cowardness makes us all fear them. It is like a Poem!

  3. It should be understood that The Little boy David of the Biblical Story in Israel behaved like Dr Kiza Besigye of Uganda in the Movement Government and Museveni the President behaves like Goliath the Mighty Soldier who was surprised by the little boy David with the stone and his catapult.Museveni does not want to admit and accept defeat but time is coming and indeed very soon shall be surprised by the M,an he has harassed for long using Police of the Country.

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