FDC Women’s League to Launch Massive Protests on Women’s Day

Forum For Democratic Change women’s league have announced a massive protest country wide on international women’s day over government’s failure to provide safe mother delivery services.

Ingrid FDC

Ingrid Turinawe the FDC women’s league chairperson while addressing the media at the party headquarters in Najjanankubi said that the protests will be countrywide and that the day is not worth celebrating.

“The country’s reproductive health system is not a complete functional system that ensures mothers have the capability to produce and have access to safe effective health care services”

According to Turinawe, for the 30 years the government has been in power, 19 women die every day while giving birth, 480 per month and 5760 annually saying that for the last 30 years the ruling National resistance movement has been in power.

“ 172800 women have died in the hands of the government due to poor and lack of access to health facilities.”

Turinawe also claimed that despite the worrying numbers of high deaths of women countrywide, the president spent Shs 600,000000million to deliver only his grandson of his elder daughter in Europe.

Ingrid says that the money could have been used to save 500,000 pregnant women in the country adding that the president’s 1billion to be spent during his journey to celebrate women’s day in Kabale should be channeled to save 833,333 women than on the president’s convoy.

“The budget to save a mother during delivery is a razorblade of Shs 100, gloves Shs 500, syringe Shs 100, injection Shs 500, total Shs 1200/- and Shs 22,800 saves 19 mothers who die every day but the government can’t afford this while billions are lost to its corrupt officials.”Turinawe said.

She said rural women have also been neglected by the corrupt health officials because they cannot afford to bribe for services while many Ugandan young women have been coerced to sex trade for economic survival.

The FDC Iron lady also said the caring for women’s health requires a strong and sustained government commitment and favorable policy environment and well targeted resources.

She added that they intend to march to Bugiri hospital on March 8 2015 where they will hand over a donation of medical equipment to be used by pregnant mothers in the district.

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