GAME OVER!!: NRM CEC Plots Mbabazi Family Expulsion

Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and Wife Jacqueline Mbabazi


The NRM central Executive Committee (CEC) is meeting anytime from now to resolve on a recommendation to kick former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi out of the ruling party.

Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and Wife Jacqueline Mbabazi
Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and Wife Jacqueline Mbabazi

Mbabazi is supposed to be fired alongside his wife Jackie Mbabazi and former agriculture minister Hope Mwesigye Ruhindi.

We have exclusively established from our top sources in the party that Museveni all along delayed to pick NRM nomination forms because he wanted to first see if Mbabazi was culpable.

Upon establishing that Mbabazi was culpable and was destined for expulsion from the party by NRM disciplinary committee led by Hajji Moses Kigongo, he decided to go and pick forms for president and chairman of the party on Friday.

Mbabazi and his partners in political crime are allegedly losing their membership of the party courtesy of alleged misconduct.

The misconduct is in relation to his decision to declare his candidature without following the NRM rules, his illegal according to NRM] consultations and above all, mismanaging the 2010 NRM primaries for members of parliament.

“We have been waiting for this CEC decision but it seems it is now over. Mbabazi, Jackie and Mwesigye are going to be fired. We are now going to start our full scale campaigns now that he is out of the party,” sources stated.

The sources however, told us that NRM is still grappling with how to deal with the trio because they are still holding key party positions.

Mbabazi is the NRM chairman Kinkinzi west, Jackie NRM national chairperson of women’s league and Mwesigye is NRM district chairperson of Kabale district.

Because of the NRM rebel MPs’ case in court, there is fear that the trio might challenge the CEC basing on this pending case in court.

In fact, the decision by the president to direct the Attorney General to drop one of the contentious constitutional amendment clauses (clause 83) seeking to expel them from parliament; an expelled member, is also a big blow to CEC.

Museveni on Wednesday last week met all independent legislators led by Jacob Oboth Oboth at state house Entebbe where he directed the AG that all contentious clauses in the amendment bill be dropped.

Among them was that on the fate of expelled party member on whether he loses his MP seat or remain in parliament.

Museveni also gave a nod to independents’ move to participate in NRM primaries without losing their MP seats.

These directives are supposed to be implemented this week when parliament votes on the constitutional amendments.

Now we have learnt that the NRM CEC has decided to also assemble its legal team to take on Mbabazi in case he chooses to challenge this CEC impending decision against him and his family.

The plan is a temporary measure aimed at ensuring that Mbabazi and his family members do not attend NRM party planning meetings anymore including the upcoming delegates’ conference.

By kicking them out earlier, it would mean that Jackie will not be able to attend NRM CEC that approves presidential flag bearers and also doesn’t attend Namboole to ‘pursue’ her hubby’s agenda among delegates.

By law, Mbabazi and Hope are still members of NRM NEC and national conference while Jackie sits on the much revered organ of CEC.

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