By Jolly Gwari

Gen. Mugisha Muntu has finally launched the Alliance Transformation political party in Kampala today. Muntu has been holding pre-launch meetings in Kampala and told the ANT delegates that the party will concentrate on building structures in the next one year. “When you are building a skyscraper, you must build a strong foundation.

Please go out there, explain to people what we stand for and let’s brand ourselves,” he said. Particularly, the party launched today has marked a new era for the former army commander of opposition. Notably, The Alliance Transformation political party and its advocates infringed the opposition Forum for Democratic Change after years of internal bickering that culminated into the defeat of Gen. Muntu by current president Patrick Amuriat for the FDC top in last year’s polls.

Muntu also said the ANT party will work with the opposition political parties including the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), which he once led and later quit, over a disagreement on strategy. “So far, we have not been drawn into any fights with the fellow Opposition parties.

We have good working relations with the People Power, Democratic Party (DP), Justice Forum (JEEMA) and as far as I know, we have no problem with our FDC colleagues. They are our colleagues, not our enemies. We only have a difference in strategy,” Muntu said.

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