Kenzo warns music industry leaders, amidst setting up offices

By Tonny Akankwatsa

Uganda’s BET awards winner Eddie Kenzo alias Edilisa Musuuza, has this morning Wednesday, May 22, warned music industry administrators to commit themselves executing tasks and responsibilities as expected of them.

He noted that some people might engage themselves in this cause with a hidden intentions and negative attitude to fail fellow entertainers of their agendas operating with pretense.

However, the ‘Sitya loss’ hit maker,Kenzo expressed gratification regards the idea of setting up offices for the music sector.

The music and entertainment fraternity is allegedly setting up and will launch their offices at the National Theater come May 29th.

Kenzo and Benda

Kenzo narrated this on a phone call interrogations inquiring his opinion, whether setting up offices will solve challenges and unnecessary wrangles among artistes in Uganda. Here are the excerpts:

Kenzo’s Response

“That is also very possible because people have different positive reasons. For if their reasons are to make sure artistes obtain offices indeed, that’s really vital. But as you know, sometimes people indirectly come with propaganda to fail some people’s agendas however you can hardly tell if they are committed to an effective cause.

When musicians get to obtain offices, it eases some regular arrangements like meetings and appointments meant to discuss and handle certain concerning issues

But if we don’t get base of address say offices where, organizations, agencies, businessmen, our fans and generally the public can allocate us easily, we shall remain operating in personal and there will be no cooperation to solve issues in Uganda’s music industry leading us to development,

Just like you see FUFA, they are developing the sports sector simply because they work hand in hand and having management offices attributes a lot to the sports fraternity.

As artists we regularly meet at Jahaz Pier, its as if its our point of address which is not true.

So its better we allocate base of music administrative operations where we can always converge when discussing entertainment matters as well as sorting any issues arising among artistes.

Such things are to be sorted from there rather than running to media. We shouldn’t use media as if its the entertainment authority where we are to submit our issues for solutions.

Media is a different element in this sector. Media is profound for promoting us and linking us to our fans.”   

In allegations, Ykee Benda pledged to offer an office for the western region in Mbarara since the move is not only meant for musicians based in and around Kampala, but rather country wide.

Additionally, among other artistes; Bobi Wine, Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Juliana, Ronald Mayinja will obtain offices.

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