George Mulindwa Bounces Back

George Mulindwa

America based artiste George Mulindwa has bounced back to the music scene to give local musicians a run for their money, we can reliably reveal.

George Mulindwa
George Mulindwa

Mulindwa who has been away for a very long time has done a full album that his manager says will show that he is here to compete musically.

Many years ago Mulindwa was one of the bright lanterns of Uganda’s music industry. When he left Uganda he was a household name.

He is back to reclaim his throne on the scene. To kick off his massive return Mulindwa has done a full length album in reggae style. The album includes a duet with Mesach Semakula on the single ‘Abantu Bazibu’.

The songs depict maturity and musical excellence in both composition and production.

In an interview on a local radio station last week, Mulindwa promised to supply music that soothes the heart and soul and touches the lives of the everyday Uganda.

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  1. George Mulindwa is a common going around d
    deceiving people that he is a musician.He do
    doesn’t have a single song
    which is worth listening to
    and neither does he have a single
    Video.He is one broke man
    from Boston who coming
    home to con people.What song of Mulindwa is worthITSELF?nothing.

    softw salt?

  2. George Mulindwa is a common going around as musician.He has never had any throne and never will he ever have one.

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