Geosteady ‘Finally’ accepts DNA test

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Recently, the renowned RnB artiste befell a relationship saga accused to have sired a son with Noeline Nalubega Nabweteme and neglected them-mother and the toddler.

Yesterday night during the UNCUT show on NBS television, singer Geosteady ‘finally’ accepted to go for a DNA test for the son he was accused of for neglect. During the interview, the popular lad seems to be in disbelief of these “false accusations.”

“I have no problem with a DNA test to find out the truth, but to my dismay, these are undoubtedly false accusations on me,” the ‘Finally’ hit maker, Geosteady lamented.


Over the weekend, news hit airwaves after a young lady known as Noeline Nalubega Nabweteme accused Geosteady of child neglect.

With jealous, Nabweteme accused the Blackman CEO Geosteady of spending and splashing money on Prima whom he conferred a car recently but neglecting her to an extent of lacking rent fee, food and the basic needs of ‘their son.’

Additionally, she called upon the Minister for Youth Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi to come to her rescue due to alarming living situation.

Hope the DNA results will be unanimous, good enough now that Geosteady has acknowledged it to go for the tests to confirm whether the child is really his or belongs to some other impersonator he once talked of.

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