Ghetto Talent;Sparksy on rising to stardom

Bad Sparksy is one of the fast-rising music stars at the moment. After living a hard ghetto life, he is slowly but steadily managing to thrive through to the top of the Uganda music industry.

We tracked him down and shared a lot with us

First things first, that stage name Bad Sparksy Among all names why did you choose that?

I call myself that because I was born and grew up among the baddest – everything was always bad on my side. You see everything there where I’m from is so hard it’ll hold you down, but it’ll also force you to fight hard for what you need and what you want. It made me stronger and gave me that fire inside. That’s why I’m Bad Sparksy.

Tell us how and where did your musical journey start?

My journey started in the ghetto and music has been with me since the day I was born. It’s both an escape from the harsh reality we live in but also an expression of that harsh reality too.

When was your first day in the studio recording your first song?

First time in the studio was in 2006. I was even still in primary school those days that’s when I did my first song. I started recording with Green Hit Records in 2020.

And how did it feel like?

I love to make music and always have. The first time I recorded in a studio I knew it was what I needed to do with my life.

And what was that hit song that made your breakthrough?

“Protect my Life” is the first single off my album “Love in the Atmosphere”. It’s been getting massive airplay and the video premieres on NTV this week. Also look for it on Trace TV, NBS, and Urban TV. It’s gonna be big because so many people can relate to it around the world.

When you heard the song played on air for the first time, did you feel you’ve finally arrived at your ultimate dream? How was the feeling?

I was very excited because I knew people were listening to me sing. But my dream didn’t stop there cuz it wasn’t international yet. That’s my next move.

Who can you attribute your music success to so far?

Green Hit Records – they see my potential as an artist and are giving me the platform I need.

Who has been financing your music career?

Green Hit Records

Lots of upcoming artists are just producing bubble gum music, how different is your music?

My music is different because I sing about real life – I mean what we go through in everyday life. I write all my songs and represent the truth – the good and the bad.

We all strive to be well off in life, what is your goal in this industry?

My goal is to make great music that captures international attention – to raise the Ugandan flag so high and represent it internationally.

Do you use substances like drugs for inspiration?

No, I don’t use drugs – I use herbs instead.

What challenges have you faced today in the music industry?

The promotion has been the hardest part for me, but that’s all changed now I got Green Hit backing me.

With no doubt, we have a big chunk of talented singers, how ready are you for the competition?

I really don’t do music for competition, I only make good music and know that people can relate to it – vibe with it.

Don’t you think venturing into music is waste of time?

No, I don’t think so but it’s all about persistence and hard work. Some people do music for the wrong reasons though – I do it for the love of it and for the culture. And music is medicine -it can help us escape the hardships of life.

You can’t separate musicians and girls, how do you handle them. You look young, handsome, and ambitious, what is your take on UG women?

I love girls for friendship though when it comes to love affairs I date one girl at a time.

What qualities of a woman would sweep off you?

A hard-working, humble and God-fearing beautiful woman.

Do you have plans of settling down and make a family?

Of course yes. That’s every man’s responsibility.

How has the internet impacted the music industry?

It’s made it way easier to distribute music and promote yourself as an artist through social media but at the same time it’s flooded the market with so many artists – you need to be really unique and talented to stand out from all the noise.

In a few last words, how do you see the UG music industry in the next five years?

We’re in the middle of a slump because of covid and no one can perform live. Once we get through this we can get back to doing shows and that will help move us forward.

Even then we need to reach out further to hit a bigger audience. You see other places do it, but UG hasn’t gone too far past its own borders. I see myself becoming an international ambassador – I can show the world what UG can do.

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