Gitawo gifts music camps with balls

Cameroon Gitawo

South African based money bag and certified spendthrift Chris Mbibo aka Cameroon Gitawo seems to really have passion for Ugandan talent, judging by the latest info we have.

Cameroon Gitawo
Cameroon Gitawo

Fresh information on the red pepper online gossip desk has it that the self-styled tycoon has offered balls to various organized Ugandan music camps.

In a bid to strengthen his working relationship with artists and their fans, Gitawo decided to offer something that would uphold unity among these groups, and friendly football matches emerged the best suiting option therein.

Through his on-ground soldiers, Gitawo apparently has already delivered various balls to groups like Firebase crew led by Katto Ashburg and Josh.

Gagamel Phamily, Team Radio & Weasel, Team Chameleon, Team Eddy Kenzo among others also received their share already.

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