Gitawo Lusted over Fabiola — Shakira

Cameroon Gitawo

In an ugly twist of events, Shakira Kayihura, girlfriend to South Africa based showy sangoma Katsha real name Katamba Shafique, has spilled worrying secrets about their former gang-mate Cameroon Gitawo also known as Mbibo.

Cameroon Gitawo
Cameroon Gitawo

This comes just days after Katsha quit The Money Team (TMT) Africa which he had started together with Gitawo and city businessman Meddie Ssentongo last year.

Katsha quit citing betrayal, hatred, disloyalty and jealousy among other reasons for his denouncing TMT affiliations last Thursday afternoon.

This confirms our earlier suspicion that there is bad blood between Gitawo and Katsha and that the former could have had a hand in the latter’s arrest last year that led to Katsha missing out on the TMT party.

It is rumoured that Gitawo wanted Katsha arrested so he could take over as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/ founder of TMT.

This is not surprising considering that Gitawo immediately announced that he is now the CEO of TMT just hours after Katsha posted his resignation on social media.

As a result, gorgeous Shakira has since out to defend her man Katsha and spilled Gitawo’s secrets in the process.

Shakira, in a Facebook post, claimed that Gitawo lusted after his partner and friend Meddie’s ex-lover Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa.

The socialite added that before emerging on the scene, Gitawo approached Katsha and Shakira asking them to help him be popular like them.

Katsha's Wife, Shakira Kayihura was also around. Photo: Elisha Muloki
Katsha’s Wife, Shakira Kayihura was also around. Photo: Elisha Muloki

However, Shakira refused to connect Gitawo to the gorgeous and curvy former Be My Date host because it was wrong to hook up with her yet he was going to work with Meddie.

“Hope you won’t do the same to Meddie coz u always said sh*t about him even in the middle of the night u could call Katsha telling him how Meddie doesn’t like him and how his in plans of stealing the shine on the TMT party” she posted.

A seemingly incensed Shakira also added that Gitawo uses ‘Juju’ and always moves with it his back that he never lets out of his sight.

According to Shakira, the ‘juju’ was seen by one of the babes Gitawo hooked up with while still in town during the festive season.

“No wonder u wanted to use Fabiola for fame but I stopped my friend from hooking up with you…she even saw juju in your bag at Serena. I pity your wife and kids old hen” reads part of Shakira’s venomous post on Facebook.

Shakira was responding to video by Gitawo on social media in which he claimed to have started TMT yet she insists the group was founded by Katsha.

Sexy Anita Kyarimpa
Sexy Anita Kyarimpa

“This idiot never been a founder of TMT I remember even the first time he called Katsha asking him how he can be known in UG…so Katsha told the dude to join his TMT and now that Katsha decided to leave the TMT, the dude is now creating stories I hear am the CEO” adds Shakira. Watch the space.

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