Goodlyfe Media Manager, Magla Biff

Goodlyfe media manager Kenneth Kasagazi well known as Ken Bread is in a bitter verbal war with ever upcoming and fast fading musician Maria Gladys Namuleme well known as Magla.


The verbal war that has left close friends speechless is said to have started on Monday and according the mood, the war is still raging on.

According to our highly place sources in the Goodlyfe camp, Kenneth told Magla off that she has successfully failed to sing.

“You think you made a name out of music? No way my dia, it’s because you are crazy, people just sympathize with you, and they think that you are mad. They are like let’s see whether this mad woman can sing,” Kenneth fired at Magla.

The attack dint goes well with Magla. She organised her words and she fired back

“Kenneth you can’t sing. Not even make noise in bed. You are just dormant. How can you judge music when you don’t know how to sing?,” charged Magla.

Kenneth later advised Magla to start doing good music but not shouting for listeners.

“Magla go to the studio and make good music. You are not too bad you can make it but your concentration is too low. Go to a good producer with a good song writer coz you failed to write something nice for you,” Kenneth advised Magla.

He further told her off that; “Don’t expect us listeners to listen to your things, just making noise in our ears. We are not like fans of long ago, nowadays we are good listeners and we know what we want to listen to not crap”

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  1. If that is how she dresses in public then maybe it is right to say she is close to madness,this is really crazy!

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