Govt Sets Date To Pay Teachers’ Salary Arrears

Uganda's Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo.

Uganda's Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo.
Uganda’s Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo.

Uganda’s ministry of Public Service says it will on June 30th clear salary arrears for teachers who have not been paid since January.

Samuel Eitu, the head of human resources at the ministry said yesterday while meeting the teachers from Gulu district that the salary irregularities will end with this financial year.

He says although the system had a little problem at the beginning, it should not be an excuse for the teachers and health workers’ salary to be delaying. He says that the accounting officers will have to play their role well to ensure every single individual is paid.

Eitu says that with the decentralized payroll system, the chief administrative officers and town clerks will have to ensure that they correct all irregularities that come in regards to payment. He says that even though one person is not paid, the accounting officers should not rest but seek to clarify the matter.

Isaac Newton Ojok, the vice chairperson Gulu district, says that he hopes the ministry keeps to their work of paying the teachers and other civil servants. He noted that it is very unfair for someone who stays in a hard-to-reach area and is teaching genuinely to miss salary for over 5 months.

Patrick Ojok, a tutor at Christ the King Teachers College in Gulu, says he has never got his salary since he was transferred early this year from Lira. He says he has been suffering with loans and has failed to meet his bills even though he has been working.

In Gulu, up to 146 teachers have not been paid their salaries while in Arua, over 350 teachers are yet to be paid for the different months starting from January. Eitu however says that the delay in payment will now be history with the integrated financial management system and the decentralized salary payment system.

Teachers and other civil servants countrywide have been experiencing irregularities in the payment of their salaries, with the ministry of public service blaming the delays on the new integrated financial management system.

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  1. Dear Jessica Alupo please note education is the first priority to good future. You need to get to grip to this issue and stop late payments. It is appalling how teachers are neglected to such deminishing degree. We need plan, strategies and sustainable measures that will lift our country from doom. It is a pity that missionary schools seem to maintain high level of performance compared to state schools. I wish there is more state school built, pay teachers well and compete with private schools. Where is the country going if education is on bottom of list. Please get a grip with this. Any developed country does priotise education that is a reason rich people send their children in developed nations to study.

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