Gulu Couple Kill Baby While Making Love

Gulu police are holding a couple in connection with the death of a 3-month old-baby while making love.


The suspects are James Oyira a boda-boda motorist and a 17-year old girl, whose identity has been withheld because she is a minor.

The suspects are residents of Kati Kati village in Amuru district. Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa Region Police spokesperson explains that the couple made love on Saturday while leaning on a wall of a grass thatched hut, which collapsed killing the minor who was sleeping inside.

The deceased baby who has only been identified as Rwotomya is a daughter to Alfred Nyeko, who reportedly allowed the couple access to his house.

Okema says the couple could be charged with causing death of the minor while Nyeko who accepted them to use his house well knowing that the minor was sleeping could face charges of negligence.

Harriet Acan, the mother of the deceased was not at home when the unfortunate incident occurred. In his statement to Police, Oyira says he was not aware that there was a child inside the house adding that, they didn’t break the wall intentionally but it was just an accident. The couple is currently being held at Lacor Police station.

Okema says investigations into the incident are still ongoing.

He says they will submit the file to the resident state attorney for advice once investigations are complete.

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