Have Afternoon Sex For Longer And Stronger Orgasms

A meaningful and fulfilling relationship is not dependent on sex.

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Research shows evening sex is less exciting than some afternoon delight

According to research, women have better orgasms between 1pm and 5pm in the afternoon so there’s never been a better time to take a long lunch!

Although the reasons for this aren’t completely understood, it is thought that an orgasm can feel stronger and last longer than the 20 seconds normally experienced during traditional evening sex.


Hhhhmm, we’re not sure of what to make of this little bit of advice, but we think it probably has a LOT to do with novelty.

Couples are used to having sex in the morning and when it’s dark outside, which makes daytime sex just that little bit more exciting.

The spike of adrenaline plus the ‘we’re being naughty’ factor is exactly what you need for an extra thrill!

Definitely worth an afternoon of experimentation

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