HEALTH:Hundreds Get Free Treatment as Dr.Oledo Health Camps Goes to Northern Uganda

The residents got services which included HIV testing and counseling, dental checkups, simple surgeries and general checkups.

According to Dr. Oledo, the patients will also get long term care in case there are some that need major surgeries.

Dr.Oledo said the camp’s main objective is to provide free medical care to those living in the remote areas of Uganda and are unable to easily access medical help or afford it.

The camp also provided free screening for cancer and Sickle Cell Disease, Hepatitis B Vaccination and HIV testing.

‘’ Dr,Oledo’s Healthcare camps in the Northern Region have come at a better time as it coincided with the COVID-19 Pandemic that left many governmental hospitals functioning at the bare minimum because of the huge health care demands’’, said one of the Mps in the Northern region.

The non communicable diseases like Diabetes, hypertension being majorly lifestyle related are on the rise and the presence if not detected early cause severe comorbidities especially when one is struck by the pandemic illness of  Covid 19

‘’Free community diagnoses and early management has been one of the awareness  drives coupled with massive community preventive care sensitization are  among the few activities the youth have embarked on to improve the  quality of lives under the leadership of Ambassador Dr. Sam Oledo’’, revealed one of the Doctors.

The free medical outreaches and sensitization on the primary health care in the northern region dubbed, “A HEALTH COMMUNITY IS A WEALTHY NATION” is really doing well for residents because some are really poor and cannot afford most of these services that are being offered by the Dr.Oledo’s team. The camp provides these patients with drugs that are usually expensive or hard to come by and they really appreciate it.

Dr.Oledo is one of the great pillars among the NRM Youth that are dedicated to Mobilization for not only the party but the wellbeing of the Youth.

Oledo, who is rumored to have been appointed the Ambassador of Uganda to Ottawa Canada, is regarded as an inspiration and a mentor to the Youth of Uganda.

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