LOKECH DEATH: The Unanswered Questions

After a morning walk, a group of doctors was standing at a roadside restaurant enjoying a cup of tea. Then they saw a man limping towards them. One doctor said he has Arthritis in his Left Knee. The second said he has Plantar Fasciitis. The third said, just an Ankle Sprain. The fourth said, see that man cannot lift his knee, he looks to have Lower Motor Neurons. But to me, he seems a Hemiplegia Scissors Gait, said the fifth. Before the sixth could proclaim his diagnosis… the man reached the group and asked, “Is there a cobbler nearby who can repair my slipper?”

For a man of Gen Paul Lokech’s stature, a decorated fighter who annihilated insurgents in Northern and Eastern Uganda, Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) before walking troops on foot to Uganda covering 700kms in three months; to surviving Al-Shabaab bombs, land mines and grenades in Somalia and later a chaotic 2021 election in Kampala: it is hard to fathom for an ordinary Ugandan that a simple ankle fracture resulting into a blood clot could kill the warrior christened “The Lion of Mogadishu”.

Despite a police report detailing Gen Lokech’s death, analysts and observers, this website talked to, have posed questions.

  • Why did he disappear from the public, having been last seen in the first week of July, yet he reportedly got a fracture around the end of July?
  • Is it true he has been managing Covid-19 related illness?
  • Is it true he visited his favourite hangout located in Kirinya-Bweyogerere, Kira Municipality? He used to reside in Kirinya before relocating to Buwate? There are whispers that he was seen visiting one of the hangouts there days/hours before his death.
  • Can a simple fall (as it is being described) from a chair resulting in a fracture, kill a person like Gen Lokech, a battle-hardened warrior always physically fit?
  • How did it come about? Was he seated on it, standing on it, dancing with it or?
  • What about the bathroom fall talk?
  • Were medics attending to him competent enough to examine the extent of the fracture?
  • Why did the people who rushed to announce his death on Saturday morning conclude that his death was due to a blood clot yet a postmortem had not been done?
  • Why were some family members reluctant to take him to the hospital for an autopsy examination until the army and police ordered so?
  • Do some family members know one thing or two but tight-lipped?
  • Is it also true that some disgruntled family members of suspected Gen Katumba Wamala attack suspects (in custody) belonging to the Muslim fraternity embarked on Dua prayers to punish Gen Lokech?
  • Has security interested itself in blogger Fred Lumbuye? He talked about Archbishop Lwanga’s death and it came to pass and Gen Katumba’a attack and it also passed. He also talked about Lokech being targeted for harm and he is now dead. Is it a coincidence? Who is he? Could he be part of rogue security elements aiming at tainting the image of the country?


The IGP would wish to inform all family members, relatives, friends, in-laws, well-wishers  the UPF and UPDF fraternity  and all members of the public, that the burial arrangements for the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Major General Paul Lokech, who passed away on the 21.08.2021 is as follows;

WEDNESDAY 25.08.2021: The body will be transported to his home at Kitikifumba in Kira Division, for prayers and viewing.

Thursday 26.08.2021: The body will leave Kampala for his home in Baibir village in Pader District.

Friday 27.08.2021: Burial will take place at Baibir Village, Ludele parish, Pader Town Council, in Pader District.

We want to inform all mourners and well-wishers, planning on visiting the family or attending the vigil and service at the deceased’s home, that due to COVID-19, they are reminded to wear a mask, sanitize or regularly wash their hands with soap and also maintain social distance. There is a capacity limit with the burial arrangement at the home in Kampala, in Pader and at the burial grounds at Baibir village, Pader district.  Those planning on paying their last respects in the village, are also advised to do so in a safe manner. Our enforcement teams will maintain safety and security within and around all venues.

The burial will be with full honours from the police, while the gun salute will be presented by the UPDF. The pallbearers are UPDF officers at the rank of Major General, while the sword bearers are police officers at the rank of Commissioner.

We wish to thank all mourners, well-wishers and the public for an incredible outpouring of messages of love, support, encouragement and prayers. The late DIGP Major General Paul Lokech was among the best commanders in the force, who bravely put his country first and took the risks to protect Ugandans.

We pray that the Almighty God provides comfort and peace to the family, relatives, friends, in-laws and all well-wishers, the UPF and UPDF fraternity.

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We want to further inform the public that a post-mortem examination was carried out on the body of the deceased, by a team of 4 pathologists. Also present were;  Brig. Gen. Dr Kusasira Stephen, the Director Medical Services in the UPDF, the personal Doctor of the late, Dr Khiingi Ben and two-family representatives.

The team of pathologists established that the victim got a fracture of the right ankle joint, around the end of July, 2021. It was a simple fracture that was being managed at RUBY Medical Centre, by an Orthopedic Surgeon. They put a POP cast at the victim’s leg and managed him as an outpatient, with regular reviews. They further encouraged him to do mild exercises while at home.

It was further established that the pain in the right leg started increasing in the last 2-3days, and the victim notified his Orthopedic Surgeon, who scheduled an appointment for him on 21.08.2021, at around 8.30 am -900am.  Indeed at around 7:54, the victim called the Orthopedic Surgeon to reconfirm their appointment. It is unfortunate that shortly after, the victim started facing breathing problems and called his personal Doctor, Dr. Ben Khiingi, who rushed to the home but found the victim breathing his last and died.

During the autopsy, the pathologists opened the right lower leg, which was injured, and found a very big blood clot that had formed in one of the big blood vessels. They further opened his chest and found part of the blood clot had been carried into the lungs. As a result, both vessels in the lungs were blocked, thus leading to the shortage in-breath and subsequent death. It was thus concluded as death due to natural causes.

May the soul of the late DIGP Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech, Rest in Eternal Peace.

CP Fred Enanga
Police Spokesperson
22nd August 2021

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