Security Tightened At Parliament Ahead Of Today’s Plenary

Security is tightened at parliament ahead of the Plenary Session this afternoon

Anti-riot police camping at the fence of the parliamentary chambers
Anti-riot police camping at the fence of the parliamentary chambers

The heavy deployment follows the recent Forceful removal of Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, the Kyadondo East MP from the Chambers on the orders of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulannya and subsequent verbal declarations from both sides.

Although Oulannya maintains that Semujju Nganda who was suspended for misconduct must apologise before attending parliamentary sessions, the suspended MP have vowed to attend sessions without offering the apology.

Semujju, was suspended together with Aruu County MP Odonga Otto and Lwemiyaga County MP Theodore Sekikubo as a penalty for grabbing the rota from the clerk as the House proceeded to vote on the public order management bill, a law that was drafted to regulate public rallies and meetings.

The MPS had objected to the bill saying it was in contravention of the Constitutional Rights of public assembly.

The suspended Mps are now accusing the Oulanyah of running down Parliament. They further demand that the matter be referred to the rules Committee which according to them is the only one that can direct them to apologize after an investigation.

There is an increased presence of both uniformed and plain clothed personnel deployed around the gates of parliament more than the number of those regularly deployed on daily basis by the Parliamentary Police Directorate. These are reinforced by the Anti-riot Police have camped in the CHOGM square

Meanwhile Yesterday morning, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) kale Kayihura held a closed meeting with the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah in his office.

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2 thoughts on “Security Tightened At Parliament Ahead Of Today’s Plenary

  1. The four dis-Honorable MPs must apologize, not to the speaker but to the Nation. They simply embarrassed the nation. Irrespective of the of the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s reasons, the MPs acted stupid. Should we condone hooliganism in the parliament just because they (MPs) are protected while in the house? I think they needed more severe punishment, because what kind of example were they showing to the children who watched it on Tv? Not even a nursery school debate can attract that stupidity. Even though the bill is a bad bill, these idiots should have learnt that democracy is rule of the majority over minority. They knew well they wouldn’t get anywhere challenging the Bill because of their small number, so the only option was to disrupt the sitting. Shame on them. For Hon. Odonga Otto, you have failed to mature my brother. And kindly stop insulting the people of Omoro by claiming ou want to redeem them come 2016, we have more than capable individuals to replace Oulanya if we deem so.

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