Hilderman Attacks Jenifer Musisi From Behind

Struggling singer Hillary Kiyaga famously known by his stage name, Dr. Hilderman left fans at the recently concluded Kampala city festival in utter shock when he took on the KCCA Executive Director Jenifer Musisi for a ‘mosquito-no pass squeeze.


The Mazongoto hit maker thought by being given an opportunity to perform at the festival, he was given a free chance to feel the Executive director’s assets.

However, after squeezing her for some minutes, the personal body guards of Musisi intervened and stopped the singer from advancing further.

But by the time they were set apart, Musisi was already sweating as if she had just left the Sauna.

But with the way Musisi’s curvaceous body was flashed in her custom made dress, we cannot blame Hilderman who loves them huge and double sized.

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