HOOKED! Kleith dating Manager Witland

Sexy Kleith Kyatuhaire is rumoured to be romantically involved with her manager identified as Richard Ddamulira alias Witland.

kleith kya

However, this comes as a shocker considering that a few months back Kleith claimed to be single and not searching.

According to the former NTV T-Nation co-host, Kleith and Witland have been secretly seeing each other for close to a year.

In fact, the seemingly smitten pair was recently spotted enjoying a romantic holiday in Nairobi-away from the prying eyes of Kampala tabloids.

It is also believed that Witland is the reason Kleith split with her pal and former co-host Sheila Gashumba.

Sources at Serena Hotel based NTV is that the two babes fell out after pencil thin Sheila Gashumba expressed interest in Witland who was Kleith’s.

The chocolate skinned babe left T-Nation, which she was hosting with Sheila and is now one of the hosts of ‘Style Project’, a fashion show where they criticize celebrity fashion.

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