HURTFUL! Budadiri East NRM’s Woboya Blames Loss on FDC’s Mafabi, Namboozo

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi


Mbale – Budadiri East Incumbent Member of Parliament and ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Flagbearer in the just concluded Parliamentary elections Vicent Woboya who controversially lost to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)’s Isaiah Sasaga has rejected the outcome of the 2021 Parliamentary Polls because the voting process was marred by voter bribery, extreme Violence and intimidation carried out by the opposition Rivals.

According to Woboya, many of his agents were kidnapped on the eve of the elections and taken by goons reportedly hired by Nandala Mafabi and Sasaga.

Many attacked victims are still nursing wounds in various medical facilities.

‘’Our rival’s agents were giving cash to voters near polling stations and my agents were beaten, kidnapped while other polling officials and security couldn’t do much because they were overpowered at the polling stations,’’ said Woboya.

A section of voters also accuse FDC goons of beating up voters, massive rigging, stuffing pre-ticked ballots in favour of their Flagbearer Sasaga.

Woboya says the elections in Sironko were affected by extreme violence which was sponsored by Hon.Nandala Mafabi of FDC who made sure NRM candidates lost because they used violence and intimidation.

Woboya told Redpepper that the FDC team hired over 500 goons, armed with pangas and sticks that blocked access to all strategic sub-counties during and after elections.

‘’With the deployment of goons,we could not deliver materials for our gents on time and other required logistics which affected the outcome of
the result,” he said.

Woboya’s camp also accuses NRM-leaning Florence Namboozo, the incumbent Woman MP for Sironko of teaming up with FDC’s Mafabi and Sasaga to fight their flag bearer. The trio have reportedly injected personal resources to frustrate Woboya including causing Violence in the recent Polls.

‘’One of the incidents occurred on 13th January on the eve of the elections at Mutuufu Town Council, Woboya’s Vehicle registration number UAV 756L Pick-up which was distributing agent’s letters was surrounded, hit with stones and occupants injured. The thugs demanded that we retreat immediately otherwise they trail us and kill us ‘’, revealed Woboya.

The occupants in the vehicle who were injured are; Christopher Nakimese the driver, Bigala Ivan the area Councilor of Namaguli Sub-county and Edgar Ghamisha both Woboya’s coordinators.

‘’Besides intimidation, voter bribery and threatening our agents at polling centres, some of Woboya’s results were altered for instance on some polling stations, he would get 400 votes and they entered 40 on the declaration forms.”

The victims were reportedly surrounded at Mutuufu B in Mutuufu Town Council, hit and the vehicle was smashed, injuring the occupants.

‘’The occupants only pleaded to be excused to save their lives before the goons snatched all the money which they had in the vehicle and other logistics for the agent. That affected Woboya’s results in the whole of Mutuufu area and Bumalimba sub-county because there was no time to organize letters and other logistics ‘’added one of the Victims.

Christopher Nakimese says they tried to call Police but by the time it arrived the goons had taken off with all their materials and money.

‘’A lot of brand new vehicles were purchased by Nandala basically to violence in my constituency. It was also surprising that one of the three vehicles that attacked us at Mutuufu belongs to Hon. Namboozo Florence who lost NRM primaries. She was collaborating with Sasaga of FDC and the registration number is UBA 318A Toyota Surf. Namboozo’s driver was one of the people who attacked us called Gimoogo’’, revealed Woboya.

Another incident is where people believed to have been hired by Hon.
Namboozo together with Sasaga again attached where I stay in Mbale at
sunrise inn. The vehicle that attacked Woboya was a Raum registration
UAU601R and the intention is not known. The matter was reported to Police
for Investigations.

‘’I personally do not know why Namboozo would go to the extent of even
looking for my life. Just because I won the flag and she didn’t, she takes
this as a grudge and she collaborates with opposition .Am not interested in
politicking for nothing, I work for the people’’, Woboya added.

Woboya’s camp also accuses Mafabi and Sasaga of bribing election officials
to do ballot stuffing in sub-counties where they blocked their agents.

‘’President Museveni won by 78% in Woboya’s Constituency but it was
shocking that for Woboya’s victory ,they altered the results .Each ballot
they were giving shs 10000.We could not do much because they had surrounded
everywhere including at the tally center. Security was overwhelmed because
they were fewer’’.

It is said that Namboozo’s woes with Woboya stems from the latter’s Victory
where the former believes that if he is elected back to parliament he might
be appointed a Minister.

It should be remembered that in 2016, Woboya, a Ugandan public administrator and principal disaster manager, defeated Isaiah Sasaga to take the Budadiri East seat for NRM.

Police acknowledged receipt of Woboya’s complaints, however, declined to
comment on the matter on the ground that it would jeopardize the investigations.

Efforts to get Nandala Mafabi and Sasaga were futile by press time.

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