On 31st January of his year, a babe wrote about being shagged by a Hyena imposter. She ended by calling me to meet her.

I thought she was just pulling my leg. “Who would go claiming to be Hyena?” I asked myself. But recently it happened in my own face. I was in a taxi to Entebbe and there were two guys and two babes.

One of the guys was busy claiming to be the mighty Mr. Hyena. Bragging about this and that, I laughed inside my heart. “Mister, are you really the one?” I asked. “Oh yes, I am,” he praised himself. “Oh, thanks for the great work. Most of us would meet Jesus and bypass him.

Anyway who would have guessed that you are the mighty Mr. Hyena,” I said to him sarcastically.

By telling him about meeting Jesus and failing to recognize him, I was simply proving to him that I was Hyena but he failed to read between the lines. I will surely sue the next person I find using my name.

It looked so weird and speaking of weird things, some babe called Rita was about to introduce my guy to her parents. About a month to that kwanjula (introduction ceremony), she called me.

It was about 6:00 pm, and I was in a taxi heading home. “Hi Hyena,” she greeted me. “Hi Rita, where are you? I need to talk to you before I get home,” I lamented. “Should I come over?” She begged. “Why not?”I concluded.

As usual, whenever I got home, I first bathed. I was still in the bathroom when this babe arrived. I welcomed her and talked to her about this and that while watching a movie, though she did most of the talking.

I had been avoiding this babe since the time she accused me of derailing her boyfriend that I was giving him girls. Honestly, I didn’t know her mission until she confessed to me.

“Hyena I know you don’t approve me, so I want to show you why your friend loves me so much. Please don’t stop me.” She said. She was looking at me straight in the eyes but I was feeling a little bit shy. She stood up and walked to the door, locked it and turned back to me.

I started feeling something unusual. She knelt before me, “Please don’t stop me,” she cried. She pulled off my trousers; my eyes widened as I asked myself, ‘Is this real or am I dreaming?’ The babe removed my rod and it was like she had released a snake from captivity. She began sucking my rod like we had been doing ourselves for years.

She took the whole thing in, sucked it smearing it with her warm saliva. In just a flash, it gained weight. I was speechless. ‘Oh God, is this right?’ I asked myself. By this time, the thing was mad. I shot to its full length in her small mouth. She stopped sucking it and asked me where the condoms were.

“Hyena, I feel the heat in my pants, are you okay with this?” she questioned me. I could not say a word.
I directed her where to pick the condoms. She was very fast, in just seconds, she was back. She rolled it on but the condom could not swallow the rod. “Banange nekondomu te kutuka, kano si kasolo bulwadde,”(even a condom cannot fit, this is not a rod it is something else) she exclaimed.

She stripped naked, watching the gu thing moving up and down. She sat on me and twisted one of her hands to her back which she used to hold my hard rock muscle. She dipped it in her pot as she began swallowing it inch by inch. “Oh oh oh ayi, ayi oh.

Say you love me hyena,” she cried out. “No, I won’t,” I frankly assured her. “You will, oh you must oh oh ah ha haa,” she continued to plead for my assurance. Her pot must have discharged a liquid because I felt her pot get slippery.

I moved my hands to feel her bums and they were the kind I call jelly bums. As I had always imagined. By this time my manhood was inside my friend’s babe who was going to introduce him in a month’s time.

After she has drilled herself for about seven minutes, she felt so weak that she told me to take over. I ordered her to hold tightly around my neck. I stood up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. 

Her heart was beating as if she had finished a marathon race. Her breasts were spearing my chest. She had a sweat scent blocking my nose. Oh people, it was a moment to remember.

I walked her to the long sofa and made her sit. I threw her long legs over my shoulders and I drilled deep inside her. Her twinnies would kind of open up, and her screaming became louder as I was sealing her pot with my muscle. “That’s it Mr. Hyena, that’s it. It feels really good, so sweet.” She said in approval. “I am so sweet Hyena, that’s why your friend is marrying me.

It is because I am sweet.” She continued to blow her own trumpet. “So you are sweet?” I asked. “Aint I sweet Hyena?” she faintly asked as though she was disappointed. “Oh, you are more than honey,” I tried to explain to her.

I moved my lips to such her nipples and she moved both hands to caress my bums. She pressed my bums and within no minute, I was finishing. I poured the whole load into the condom.

I joined my lips with hers for a kiss and we rested in that state. Still, between her legs, I asked, “Have you had any orgasm?” “No I haven’t,” she replied. I pushed a finger inside her pot and began pushing it deeper while rubbing her walls.

I was kneeling before her. The more I fingered, the more her body became uneasy. Each time I ran my finger around her ka thing, it felt like a ka small stone. She would faintly whisper like she was a princess.

I moved the second hand to caress the twinnies. Her bums and waist began acting like she was seated on fire twisting in all directions. Her head was held on the sofa as her hands squeezed her breasts. “eh, eh, eh, hee, haa, ayi,” she mourned.Her right hand pushed in the finger that was caressing the twinnies.

She began rubbing them at the tempo of ‘breakneck’ by Busta Rhymes. I mean, it was real fast like she would ignite a fire. That’s the only moment a woman tells the truth so I began asking her “Rita, so you have been fantasizing about having sex with me?” “Yes” she said. “But you always abuse me so I don’t understand you,” I said. “I am sorry I never meant any of them I just wanted to get attention from you,” she said.

Oh ayi you are killing me sir,” She mourned. “How many times have you dreamt having sex with me?” I asked. “Two times” she replied. “Are you enjoying Rita? I asked. “Very much thank you should I get on top please?” she pleaded.

Once on top, her body began moving like a caterpillar slowly but with a thousand meanings. I turned her for a goatee as I changed the condom, I saw her pot peeping between her bums I pressed her chest to rest on the mattress then did some serious humping and all she said was, “yes Hyena like that, I am feeling you sir,” her soft bums were doing the same thing. It was pure joy.

I jazzed her roughly, fast, hard and perfectly good, that she sentenced every person to death apart from me.

A month later, she kwanjulaed my friend. Now the trouble is she is claiming that she hasn’t gotten over me, and that she is willing to give up her hubby just for me.

We have had sex three times this year and they are busy planning for their wedding. Anyway babes be warned, there are lots of hyena imposters, but it’s only a few lucky babes who get to feel the real me.

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