I Already Have An Ideal Woman, Says Maro

By Shibah Kamusiime

Congratulations upon your “Nzira Nago” concert.

Thank you very much. It was fun I enjoyed the energy. From the six months when I began advertising the concert, there was a lot of love that I shared from my people and i had friends coming from different countries

How was the experience and how did it feel to have such a successful show?

First of all, I am thankful to God for that and my fans for not giving up on me and I appreciate that they follow when I tell them something. I called them to Jinja and they travelled to Jinja. I am willing to call them anywhere because they show me they respond and they show me their love. Any musician’s happy day is knowing that he/she can call upon people and they will show up.

Maro in Juice fm studios, Namanve

So was it a plan for the show to end at 5 am or did things just happen?

Hahaha! we had a counter show on the other side and it was a free entry by another company which I really don’t want to talk about but then they tried to sabotage so we took long to start because we knew our people were coming because Jinja people come in late. They came in at around 12:30am and I stepped on stage at 1:00am and then we had artistes coming in from Kenya who performed in the interlude so by the time I got back on stage it was around 3am.

Why were there so many curtain raisers at your show?

There were a lot of musicians coming and everyone felt like they had to perform. Rema showed up, Geostedy showed up and many more artistes from Jinja. Basically it’s out of love that they were all willing to turn up and perform.

It is said that you didn’t make money out of that concert, is it true?

I made some money, enough to make me not be into debts.

Any new projects coming up?

Right now I am in studio with a couple of names from Uganda and also did songs with musicians that came for the concert like Prof and Naiboi from Kenya. I have a song with Naiboi and Frasha all from Kenya. There are some ladies that I have collaborated with like Tindatine on the Atwooki album which is now out online.

Musician Maro

What inspired you to start singing?

First, it’s the love for music that inspired me. I had this urge to express myself because at a young age I was really a quiet person and I felt like music really gave me a voice.


Were your parents okay with you doing music?

Hmmm they weren’t okay in the beginning but as time went on, we dissolved this issue and came to terms with it and we are now on good terms.

Any challenges faced?

We as musicians have come to a point where companies are fighting us and some other companies do not trust the paternity. I speak to companies and they do not even want to hear and after when my show is out there, they come to me and I am like I don’t want because even if I want to, what am I going to give you, because all the space is taken up by the sponsors who have given me that little they can.

What are some of the achievements so far?

I have achieved a lot. I do not want to put everything in the light of people but I have tried to make my brand one that can be listened to but not showing everything I have achieved. I am doing a lot of charity with other people and at the beginning of next month we are going to Rwanda and in the mid-month we are going to Tanzania for some shows of my own and also collaboration.

How do you see the music industry in Uganda today?

We are doing good talent wise but the problem is that the talent is there but it’s covered by bubble gum music, one that is off after three months.

Are you still with your German girl friend or are the rumors true that you broke up?

They are rumors and they are still rumors. Me and my girlfriend are still together. I do not parade my girlfriend so people are confused. They do not know if we are still together or not.

So why don’t you parade her?

Because of the value of the job that she does i have to value her privacy because there was a time we were like hand bags but now she has a bigger job.

Why don’t you have a manager?

I had a manager and management and one day I woke up and was like no, I am not going to do it with them because there were some things that were not changing. They were more of my friends and thy started valuing management more than our friendship. It’s evident that I don’t talk to them the way I used to talk to them.

Among these Ugandan mangers, who would you recommend?

Well basically I would say Julius of Swangz because there is so much professionalism and so much work combined with the professionalism.

If you were not a musician, what would you be?

I grew up with a dream of singing but I think I would have been a musical manager maybe of into media because I was going to do mass communication but I wanted to prove to my parents that I can be smarter than what they thought.

What’s your favorite dish?

I like the mixture of matooke, rice, posho and beans mixed with beef stew.

What do you do when you are stressed?

I listen to a different kind of music and at times lock myself in that same stress and just watch a lot of movies and then I also go for comedy.

Who is your ideal woman?

I already have the ideal woman. She’s hardworking, beautiful and intelligent

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