Jinja To Make Charcoal Out Of Garbage

While others throw their rubbish away, residents of Mpumudde/ Kimaka division are in need of it. While others cut trees or buy charcoal for cooking, the Jinja residents make their own charcoal out of rubbish and other materialsa and are to implement a project code named “garbage to charcoal” that is aimed at improving waste management and protect the environment. William Ebusa Omaria, the LC3 Chairperson Mpumudde / Kimaka division says the project is expected to commence within three months and run for the entire year.Charcoal

He says part of the money to kick start the project has been secured from local revenue collection. Ebusa however, didn’t say how much has been earmarked for the entire project implementation. He says they are waiting for the compressing machines to kick start the project. Ebusa explains that under the project, the division will collect garbage from households and transport at the garbage dumping site.

He says that during the implementation of the pilot project selected homes will be sensitized on the importance of sorting their garbage.

Ayub Kitamirike, the LC III councilor Amber court village says they learnt about this technology on their tour to Rwanda. He explains that garbage is collected and dumped in compost pits where it is left to decay. Kitamirike says the composite is removed and dried before it’s compressed to produce charcoal briquettes.

Briquettes are energy efficient and take longer to burn with more heat than normal charcoal. Ernest Nabihamba, Jinja municipal council senior Environment officer says that project will facilitate the proper management of waste and save the environment.

A number of women in Busoga region are reaping big from making environmentally friendly energy-saving charcoal briquettes produced from charcoal dust.

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