Joel Isabirye’s Network of Babes Unearthed

Joel Isabirye’s Network of Babes Unearthed

Celebrated radio business consultant Joel Isabirye is set to marry for the 15th time this weekend.

Isabirye is expected to be officially introduced by his new catch Natie K alias Hipscious Kylar Nicky real name Natalie Lukanga. The traditional ceremony is scheduled for Sunday March 26th, 2017 at her parents’ home.

The pair’s romance was made public on Valentine’s Day when Isabirye proposed to the hippy babe at a secret ceremony. A super excited Natie K said ‘yes’ without thinking about it and immediately updated her relationship status from ‘Single’ to ‘Engaged’ on social media. Interestingly, this will be the fifteenth time Isabirye is being introduced.

Today we list some of Isabirye’s ex-lovers who have been left heartbroken.

Grace Naisamula

She was his first official girlfriend and the one who opened the way for the many that later introduced him. Grace is a former employee of Daily Monitor. Isabirye and Grace were so much in love that he even wedded her. The couple hosted guests to a reception at the then Didi’s World in Kansanga. But the marriage never lasted because they parted ways a few years later.

 Sharon Nagadya

Isabirye hooked Sharon after breaking up with Grace. They dated for years and even have a child together. They seemed determined to last and she even introduced him to her parents in Luwero. However, in a typical Isabirye fashion, the romance ended mysteriously. Sharon then worked at Capital FM in the Sales department.


She was one of his first conquests. The two hooked up while working together at Sanyu FM back then. They were together for several months before partying ways.

 Latifah Ssekyondwa

Isabirye also dated Latifah years back and left her with a broken heart after failing to fulfill his wedding promise to her.

Ritah Love Kaggwa

This UK based Ugandan is a self-styled social media blogger who dated Isabirye about four years back. Although the dude has never acknowledged Kaggwa as one of his ex-lovers, she claims they dated and even have a child, a boy named Randell Joel Isabirye Jr. She however seems to have unresolved feelings for Isabirye and has made sure she attacks every woman organically linked to him.

Rebecca Jjingo

She is the second woman to have managed to convince Isabirye to walk her down the aisle. The two wedded in late 2013 having introduced Isabirye in April that same year. The radio presenter/musician later parted ways with Isabirye just a year into the marriage over irreconcilable differences. They both accused each other of infidelity, although Isabirye claimed Jjingo threatened to kill him.

Lilian Mukasa

In 2015, Isabirye made headlines once again when it emerged that he was dating Lilian. This was the babe that replaced his ex-wife Jjingo. She was so smitten with him that she did not mind whether he was once married or not and often defended him, saying marrying more than once does not reflect one’s lust but just lack of the desired qualities in someone.

She was scheduled to introduce him that same year in Seeta, Mukono but somehow it never came to pass. She is now married to another dude, Joseph Matabalo who she hooked after dumping Isabirye due to alleged cheating.

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