President Museveni has said that Kampala city is among the areas in Uganda which are not yet peaceful.

sevo kaguta

The President disclosed his remarks on Tuesday at State House, Entebbe in a meeting with a delegation of NRM LC5 and NRM District Chairpersons.

Presidential Press Unit (PPU) reported that “All parts of the country are peaceful the only exceptions being Kampala, Namayingo and Bugiri districts which have had a spate of killings”

Museveni attributed the challenge to the laxity of the Police but added that the government has moved to address the situation.

He said that Kampala City is to be provided with cameras which are programmed to ease the process of crime investigation.

All major roads have been funded

President also told the gathering that all the major road projects have been funded.

He cited the Karuma –Gulu and Kafu – Karuma sections of that road, where government is making progress in the construction.

He revealed that government is set to repair Nebbi-Pakwach road which was imperfectly tarmacked.

“The Nebbi–Pakwach road was badly tarmacked because of corrupt officials. A commission of enquiry has been appointed to address the situation of bad road works. The government will repair it,” he said.

The Chairman of the Uganda Local Governments Association (ULGA), Fred Gume, who led the delegation, confessed that they (NRM district chairpersons) condemn all acts of indiscipline, disassociate themselves from any acts of premature electioneering.

Gume revealed that they have resolved to have President Museveni as the sole NRM Presidential candidate for the 2016 elections.

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