Kanyeihamba: Investigate Corruption Claims Against Judiciary

Retired Judge George Kanyeihamba

Retired Judge George Kanyeihamba
Retired Judge George Kanyeihamba

Retired supreme court judge Justice George Kanyeihamba has called for an investigation into corruption allegations against the judiciary and Uganda law society

Kanyeihamba made this call today during a press conference.

His comments come against the backdrop of reports that have put judiciary among the top most corrupt institutions in Uganda. 

The Court of Appeal judge Remmy Kasule last month warned judicial officials involved in corruption that they risk being dismissed from the Judiciary once found culpable.
The Inspectororate of Government in its corruption ratings, ranks the police and the Judiciary as the most corrupt government institutions in the country.


Late last year, the Judiciary has officially launched investigations into allegations of corruption among judges, magistrates and other court officials in Masaka district

The retired judge is the lead counsel for Western Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga, who is challenging the reappointment of Benjamin Odoki who retired a year ago after turning 70 years.

Kanyeihamba informed the journalists that they have appealed to the Supreme Court on the issue of Odoki

On his part, western youth Mp Gerald  Karuhanga appealed to all Ugandans of good will to rise up and join the fight to have a proper and principled constitutional court

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  1. What would be the purpose of these investigations and who would carry them out? It is not just the judiciary: it is the whole society and everyone knows it!

  2. NRM brought in corruption and when it ceases to exist,corruption will dwindle and face exit

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