KARAMOJA: Mbabazi Denied Access To Radio

Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi was last night locked out of Voice of Karamoja where he was slated to hold a talk show.


Mbabazi who is campaigning in the region said he had earlier paid for space at the radio but later the station manager informed him that Resident District Commissioner (RDC) ordered them not to host him.

However, when Mbabazi called the RDC, he denied ordering the station not to host him and when he travelled to the radio station, it was locked.

“We called the stationed manager and said the RDC, electoral commission are denying what you are claiming. They did, order you not to host Mbabazi. The guy said you come to the radio station. So went and I thought we are now going to speak to the people though it was late, around 9pm… when we arrived at the radio station, the door was locked, except two police constables with a civilian,” Mbabazi said.

Kaabong Rally Disrupted

Mbabazi also noted that his rallies Kaabong district yesterday were disrupted by the police and RDC who attempted to push him out of the town and confiscate public address system.

“A lot has been done to disrupt our rally but you are here. In the face of confrontation by government officials you have remained calm,” he said, adding “This is the true spirit of Uganda. The RDC, Police, Brigade IO all came together today to disperse all gathering crowds, deny us our planned venue as well as attempt to push us 70 kilometers out of town. The confiscation of our public address systems and forceful return to the owners whom we had hired them from.”

He said Kaabong needs serious investment in health; drugs in hospitals, health personnel, health infrastructure. “Earlier I visited Kidepo National Park and we discussed the solutions to conservation, resettlement of those in the Elephant corridor.”

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