Kato Lubwama’s O Level Results Shock Nation

Kato Lubwama’s O Level Results Shock Nation

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Lubaga South MP, Paulo Kato Lubwama, has been dragged to court by some political activists claiming that he lacks the minimum academic qualifications to be a legislator.

Through the Center for Legal Aid (CLA), an organization that provides free legal services, Habib Buwembo, the activist, contends that Lubwama failed his O-level exams and was not awarded a UNEB certificate.

He therefore argues that the diploma in Music, Dance and Drama, that he obtained from Makerere University and which he used as a basis for nomination is null and void.

On October 7, UNEB in a letter to CLA confirmed that the grades Lubwama obtained at O-level were not sufficient for him to be awarded a certificate.

“Whereas the interpretation of the results of Kato Paulo was not part of the request initially filed by Habib Buwembo, we clarify that having obtained Result 7, the candidate did not qualify for the award of a certificate,” wrote Peter Anywar, an examinations officer at UNEB.

According to his O-level results which he did in 1988 at Old Kampala Secondary, Lubwama got F9 in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

He got passes in History, Commerce, and credits in Political Education, Geography, and Christian Religious Education.

The case, which has both civil and criminal elements; (uttering false documents) kicks off on October 31 at the High court, Kampala.

However, Lubwama wondered why Buwembo is questioning his papers, insisting that he is qualified to be in parliament.

“Who is Buwembo to investigate my papers? I studied at Old Kampala; go and ask what I studied. I have OBs and OGs; ask them whether Kato Lubwama went to school or not. Buwembo wants to become popular by starting a war with a popular person like Kato Lubwama but I don’t have his time.” Lubwama said.

So far, there is no evidence that Lubwama proceeded to A-level or undertook any course that is equivalent to it.

But there is proof that he obtained a diploma in MDD from Makerere University.

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