KCCA Cautioned Against Brutality in Law Enforcement

The Presidential Affairs Committee of parliament has cautioned Kampala Capital City Authority against the brutality, inhumane and degrading treatment exhibited by its law enforcement officers during operations.


Presidential Affairs Committee Chairperson Fred Mwesigye says KCCA needs to adopt a friendly approach in its enforcement and put into consideration the rights and freedoms of the public.

“This brutality is not very good, for the whole country, for our politics and for the people of Uganda”, Mwesigye said, during a meeting with a team from KCCA.

The team led by KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi, was meeting the committee to discuss the authority’s law enforcement policies and weaknesses.

Musisi told the committee that several reports against the enforcement unit are a ploy mainly by the political class to solicit and attract empathy from the general public in the hope that KCCA shall ultimately be stifled.

She added that KCCA has apprehended various enforcement staff for acts ranging from indiscipline to corruption and extortion. At least 56 staffs have been terminated for wrongful conduct, she added.

Adjumani District Woman MP, Jessica Ababiku, demanded that KCCA avails the committee with an assessment of the manager of the enforcement unit in KCCA saying that the enforcement officers in the field take directives.

“Subordinates adhere to their supervisor, I look at these enforcement officers as semi-soldiers, they are like dogs, when you send them to bite, they will do it”, said Ababiku.

However, Committee Chairman Fred Mwesigye advised KCCA to undertake a vigorous sensitization campaign about its roles and functions in order to curtail any form of resistance against its activities.

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