Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive director Jennifer Musisi has announced a shutdown of all technical operations of the authority.

MusisiThe decision comes hours after high court nullified the impeachment of the City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago until a judicial review of a tribunal report that found the mayor guilty of abuse of office, incompetence and misconduct is done.

Addressing the media this evening, Musisi said they had heard that there were efforts to mobilize the public to invade City hall supposedly to reinstall Lukwago into office.

She noted this poses a serious risk to KCCA staff and properties of the authority. The shut down takes immediate effect.

Earlier on Thursday, the High Court in Kampala ruled that embattled Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago be reinstated at City Hall pending determination of main application.

However, the Minister of in-charge of Kampala Frank Tumwebaze has written to the A.G for guidance on actions the councilors took on Monday.

This message was released on the Uganda Media Centre’s official twitter handle, hours after High Court Judge Yasin Nyanzi ruled that Lukwago be reinstated.

In a special council meeting chaired by Frank Tumwebaze, 29 councillors voted in favour of removing Mr Lukwago. Three councillors opposed the motion.

Thursday’s ruling quashed Monday’s decision by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) councilors to impeach the Mayor after the tribunal found him guilty of abuse of office, misconduct and incompetence.

Management of KCCA has been compelled to enforce a shutdown of all technical operations of the Authority.
This decision comes against the backdrop of several months of protracted politicking that have severely hampered our ability to deliver services to the people of Kampala.
Since March 2013, we have been caught as pawns in the tensions of the political push and shove of the City; we have been embroiled in separate, lengthy and tiresome processes before various organs and therefore have hardly had time to do our work of delivering services to the City.
The above, coupled with the ensuing political controversies and violent reactions by the public on matters relating to the office of the Lord Mayor have created a hostile working environment that has put the lives of our workers in danger. To-date, KCCA sweepers on the road are molested in the course of their work; our revenue collection teams, enforcement officers, cleaners and Building Inspectors have been assaulted many times at the incitement of political protagonists. Our garbage trucks have been damaged, and with the growing levels of threats our staff have become apprehensive over their safety in the course of their work. The incidents in which our officers have been repeatedly attacked in the course of work are well-documented.
Already, since the decision of the learned Judge earlier today, there have been efforts to mobilize the public to invade City Hall supposedly to “reinstall” Elias Lukwago into office! Obviously, this poses a serious risk to the staff and properties of the Authority that I am empowered to protect and safeguard.
Unless the safety of our staff and Government property under our custody is assured, it is difficult for our operations, as the implementing arm of KCCA, to continue blindly in the face of these increasing threats.
Consequently, we are shutting down the technical operations of the Authority until further notice.
For God and Our country

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7 thoughts on “KCCA Operations Shutdown

  1. jennifer rise above politics, do not hold city dwellers hostage. a person with an average brain sees through what you scheming. leave drama to the politicians

  2. Dear madam M .Jennifer”For God and my country” you own the most effective security in the country, recently you withdraw some from Lukwago, how comes you are the same person complaining of security threats yet you are threatening and torturing others? may you please help me understand this. I feel really fooled and at the moment I am burning like fire,I wish I was the girl in the next door,I would have faced you right now

  3. Why should Musisi and Frank chicken away starting awar they cant stand to its fire i can now see cowardism of the so called iron fist lady and man hahahaha you close till next year no prob

  4. Mrs. Musisi, it is important to realize that it is not
    always what you want that should be done. Though it might not go well with u,
    it is vital to realize that Mr. Lukwago was elected by the people of Kampala
    for a period of 5 years. Thus it would be wise for you to realize that though
    you have the support of the “big man”, Mr. Lukwago has the
    aspirations of the majority of the people in Kampala. I appreciate your willingness
    to “work” for them, but I trust you will benefit from realizing that
    these same people love their man (Omulodi), and you can’t claim to work for
    them without accepting to work with their own. What is true is that though u
    claim that Mr. Lukwago “is against the development of the city, which is
    obviously not true”, you greatly contributed to some (if not all) of the
    mistakes you’re blaming Mr. Lukwago of. Even these very things that you are
    blaming others (“political protagonists”) for are particularly to be
    blamed on you-your style of work. You seem to know little or nothing about the
    principles of the Rights Based Approach of doing work (Participation,
    Accountability, Non-discrimination, Empowerment and Linking to Human Rights).

    You like Jeremiah 1:19 (They will fight
    against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you and will rescue you,”
    declares the LORD), some questions for u: does this verse apply to only
    you and does not apply to others; u mean God fights for you alone, and
    does not fight for others (such as Mr. Lukwago who has the mandate of the
    people; other leaders)? What about those you’re fighting, you mean
    the Lord will just look on as you fight them? WHY, in the first place should
    they fight against u (don’t u think u might be the reason they
    “fight” you? May be you are wrong or a bad person? something to think
    about-Read the 15 invaluable laws of growth by Dr. John C. Maxwell).

    Remember also that the God of the bible is
    a Just God, and tells us to do the same; are u SURELY being fair to others (and
    to your self) in the way you’re handling Mr. Lukwago? Where is the Love
    that the bible teaches that God’s people should have? Are you sure you’re
    living the command as spelt out in Romans 12:9-21? Is Mr. Lukwago a beneficiary
    of your kindness? As a Christian, I guess you know that you have a duty of
    bringing others to Christ (Matthew 28:19; Mark 16:15), how are u doing this in
    relation to Mr. Lukwago (and others who God has blessed you to work with).

    Mama Musisis, please don’t cause shame to
    the cross of Christ. Be a peace maker; we change the world by accepting to love
    every1 that God brings our way; we treat them with dignity, and with the love
    that Chris has deposited in our hearts.


  5. Wait a minute!!! Let those who have ears listen to this; this Musisi woman is very cunning, she is creating a situation for the President to take over Kampala. Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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