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By Fab Mc

Ugandan-based hair-distributing brand, Natna Hair, known for its top-notch and quality products, recently unveiled its latest product earlier, as part of its new collection unveiling. And in an era where looks and self-care are the norms, the company has been on the fast track to success, even introducing products not only for women but for men as well. Beard extensions, and hair extensions for balding men, are just a few of the items that the company’s catalog boosts. We caught up with the brand’s Sales and Marketing Executive, who shares with us what this new collection means to their clients, and why beauty and self-care aren’t a luxury anymore, but rather a lifestyle.


FabMc: Tell our readers who you are
Sina: My name is Sina Tsegazeab, sales and marketing executive at Natna hair.


FabMc: What sparked your interest in the beauty business?

Sina: Oh, there were many reasons why we decided to join this industry. However, we saw a gap in the hair-making sector, and our main goal was to provide quality but affordable hair for the Ugandan consumer. We aim to create pieces that give buyers options while keeping them within their budgets.

FabMc: What is your experience working with Ugandan clients in regard to the kind of hair products you deal in?

Sina: Amazing. Keeping up with trends is a classic habit for Ugandans which is nice compared to the society that I came from. There is also a growing movement of Ugandans who want to look good and take care of themselves, and that is definitely something that our business benefits from.


FabMc: Provide an example of a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer or client.

Sina: This happens very rarely. There is a time when the client doesn’t know what exactly she wants. However, how well you explain to them is very helpful in aiding them to make their decision, especially when they have a problem with the product. We make sure that client’s problems are solved by trying to understand them.


FabMc: What makes Natna Hair stand out from others in the same business?
Sina: So many things, such as the quality of our products that is always top-notch, our staff are highly trained and professional. We have also created an environment that is very welcoming and has excellent customer service. We try to understand them and we make sure that the problem is solved.

FabMc: You recently launched a new collection. Tell us about this collection.

Sina: #uniquebynatna is our newest product and it is something we have been planning for the last 18 months. Unique by Natna hair is purposed to give our clients unlimited options when it comes to everyday hair options at pocket-friendly prices. This collection has 31 different styles in 5 main textures, with a human hair feel and high quality. This collection is designed to make everyday haircare routines easier for everyday women who love to look stylish and take care of themselves. It has simplified installation options, putting an end to those terrible hair days. Our vision with this collection was to create something different from our previous ponytail pieces. In doing so, we started looking at possible ideas with our creative design team, giving birth to Unique by Natna.


FabMc: What are some of the benefits of human hair pieces?

Sina: I think the main benefit is that they look natural. You can style them any way you want, and they will always look good. Another benefit is that they are very durable. They can last for years if you take care of them properly.


FabMc: What are some of the drawbacks of human hair pieces?

Sina: I think the main drawback is the cost. They can be quite expensive, especially if you want a high-quality piece. Another drawback is that they require a lot of care. You have to shampoo and condition them regularly, and you have to be careful not to damage them.


FabMc: What are some of the most popular human hair pieces?

Sina: I think the most popular human hair pieces are wigs. Wigs are available in a variety of styles and shades so you can find one that suits your taste. Another popular option is hair weaves. These can give you longer, fuller hair, and they are available in a variety of colors and styles.

FabMc: What do you think is the most relevant skill for a person dealing in this kind of business?

Sina: Knowing and understanding what human hair is. Your knowledge and understanding of the product are what draw the customer in. If you have no understanding of the product, how else are you supposed to convince the customer?


FabMc: What do you believe are the essential elements needed to be successful in the hair business?
Sina: Oh, many things. Having the right suppliers and a well-trained team are some of them. The suppliers are key players in the final look of your product, so these are supposed to be chosen wisely. The right team as well can set your business on the right track, so you need to pay attention to how these are chosen as well.


FabMc: Where do you source your hair from?
Sina: A lot of our hair comes from a lot of countries such as India, Peru, and Brazil. The manufacturing process is done in Italy.


FabMc: How would you describe your brand aesthetic?

Sina: Modern timeless and luxurious.


FabMc: Where do you see Natna hair in the next 5 years?
Sina: The 5 years vision is to have many other locations across East Africa. Our company also recently introduced Amazon USA, and now we need to push the product to more diverse markets. We are venturing into beauty products, including skin and hair care products. Last but not least, we will start manufacturing all our products here in Uganda.


FabMc: How is the hair business climate different today from when you started out?

Sina: Previously, most clients had little knowledge about human hair, so they needed a lot more explanation, which made business quite challenging. There was a fear of spending a lot of money on hair not knowing its durability. Our clients used to compare our products with other brands that were not as high-quality, and it was more challenging to convince them before than it is now.


FabMc: What do you like doing in your free time?
Sina: I enjoy eating out, playing with my kids, and reading.


FabMc: Who are some of the celebrities you have worked with?
Sina: We have worked with a lot of artists and socialites in Uganda including Sheebah Karungi, Winnie Nwagi, Anne Kansime, Leila Kayondo, Oliver Nakakande, and many others.


FabMc: In your opinion what are the pros and cons of running a family business?

Sina: In my experience, I would like to point out both positive and negative aspects of family businesses. One benefit is that the company carries both the brand and the family’s image. Everyone puts in a lot of effort to run the business well since it’s a family legacy. We may be a family, but we have different opinions about business, and if we
don’t agree, some opinions may negatively affect the business. Decision-making may be a challenge at times when everyone seems to be right and lastly, you can’t exploit your potential to the fullest due to some family limitations


FabMc: As someone operating in the beauty business, how would you define your role in society?

Sina: We have made it easy for working ladies with very busy schedules to beautify themselves effortlessly and without consuming a lot of time in saloons, by introducing various styles that can be easily done by anyone who has dealt with multiple girl child projects to empower and encourage them to join the business by providing them with
the materials needed to start. We have worked for hand in hand with different businesses around us to lift each other up. These businesses include saloons, delivery companies, photographers, and construction businesses. We have created jobs for the large team we have with us in different departments. We have supported the Miss Uganda queens by providing them with the styles they need to represent the country well.


FabMc: Whom do you consider to be a reliable client?

Sina: A reliable client is someone who uses your product regularly, listens to your product information, and is in a position to give you feedback whether it is positive or negative. A person who asks for help when there is a problem with a product instead of tarnishing the brand.


FabMc: Your last words to our readers and fans

Sina: Thanks Fab and the Mighty Pepper for giving us this opportunity, and we are dedicated to providing quality products to our clients and fans.

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