Ken Lukyamuzi Against Controversial MPs Pay Rise Demand

MP John Ken Lukyamuzi has differed from his fellow Members of Parliament stand and opposed the controversial demand to have a massive raise in their salaries, already 60 times higher than most state employees.Ken

Ministry of Finance spokesperson Jim Mugunga yesterday confirmed the Parliamentary Commission request for an extra Shs43 billion to boost MPs pay in the 2014/15 budget, saying the request is outside the government priorities.

John Ken, “The man” as he is popularly called in Parliament where he represents Rubaga South Constituency insists the demand is selfish.

“We already earn about 15 million shillings per month. How can someone propose an increment?” complains Ken Lukyamuzi.

“This is draining the economy and depriving our people of the services they need. It is outrageous and unwarranted.”
According to a report in a local daily, Uganda’s chief auditor has also sounded the alarm over $25m of expenses by senior officials, including $15m of travel costs by MPs, that had not been properly accounted for.

The pay demand has provoked angry reactions on social media.

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2 thoughts on “Ken Lukyamuzi Against Controversial MPs Pay Rise Demand

  1. He is looking for relevancy, not after his foolhardy stance on non-spray of mosquitos and we are dying of malaria!!

  2. Mps also, how do you demand increment ontop of 15m u are earning monthly, ? Do these Mps have feeling for the poor people dying in health centers without medcine and health workers???. Ugandans should check the type of Mps coming to parilment before they send them. some come to get rich and not to fight for our people.

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