Kenyans Demand for Davido’s Head over Crappy Performance


Nigerian singer David Adedeji Adeleke famous for his stage name Davido is currently in hot soup after Kenyans have bitterly abused him over a substandard and drunk like performance.


Davido was in Kenya over the weekend but what he delivered to the audience has since then been deemed crappy and lacking.

According to the fans, he turned up on stage while totally drunk forcing him to give them a totally idiotic performance.

Apparently, Davido was seen undressing backstage as a result of too much booze and weed he had drenched into prior hitting the stage.

Upon learning of how they had been clearly robbed, the fans wedged a cyber war against the Nigerian star calling him all sorts of names.

Adding to voices of the fans, the Kenyan media including popular entertainment websites have come out to abuse Davido for duping his Kenyan fan base at the Afrobeat Festival.

On the contrary, Davido was in Uganda late last year where he managed to stage a successful performance that pulled massive crowds.

Below are some of the tweets about Davido’s performance










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