Khalifa Aganaga Thumped To Pulp

Nursing injuries

Khalifa Aganaga Thumped To Pulp

Musician Khalifa Aganaga was on Wednesday night thumped to pulp at Club Ambience by bouncers.

Our eagle eyed snoops who were at the nightspot revealed that Aganaga was thumped as he tried to force himself into the DJ’s box.

“The bouncers tried to stop him but he refused, they then thumped him like a chicken thief. He was crying like a baby,” revealed the snoop.

After giving him a through beating, he was handcuffed and thrown into the corner of the nightspot.

The intervention of his manager Emma Carlos Mulondo saved the life of Aganaga since he negotiated his release.

Khalifa is currently nursing wounds and reliable sources say that it might take him two weeks to be back on his feet.

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