Kigongo Warns Of Looting After Polls

NRM vice chairman Moses Kigongo suggests that there is going to be massive looting if people do not vote for the NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni back into state house.


According to Kigongo, the opposition has hatched a grand plan to loot everyone, but this can only be averted if people vote back Museveni into power.

This is the second time the man from Butambala is assuring the masses.

Kigongo who rarely speaks on political matters, told the people of Gomba at Nsambwe to get ready for this plan.

“Whoever has something [read property], be ready to protect it and defend it. These greedy people [opposition], they want to loot.  Whoever, wants to vote, must think about yourselves and your future and that of your children. Ask yourself, if the peace goes, where are you going to live?” Kigongo said, before advising the people to vote for NRM because it is ready to protect everyone and his or her property.

The NRM vice chairman stated that those who are planning to destabilize Uganda have already secured their next destination and that after creating anarchy here, they will flee the country.

“These people wanted to form a coalition but because of greed, they failed to achieve this. They are very angry and want to destabilize Uganda. This is their plan,” he said.

The same Kigongo repeated the issue in Bukomansimbi. Here, he added that those challenging Museveni did it on personal grounds but not on principle. He said that their decision to stand was informed by personal disagreements with the establishment.

“We have only one seat for president. But those asking for votes [read Mbabazi and Besigye] failed to agree. They were forced out of the NRM because of indiscipline. What disturbs them are personal issues not national. If Kigongo annoys you, does that mean you go out to fight NRM?” he fumed in reference to Mbabazi.

According to him, the opposition have crafted their move to loot in a way that they will use NRM T-shirts which they are going to give to rowdy youths to carry out this mission.

“Opposition youth are only seeking to loot your property. They are deceiving you here but their mission is to loot whatever you have. The person to protect you and your property is Museveni. I urge you not to disrupt the prevailing peace” he stated.

In his message, Kigongo tells the NRM supporters to be the first to cast their votes to avoid eventualities at polling stations.

“On D-DAY, wake up very early so that you are the first to cast your votes. If you delay, you will get problems for nothing. Our opponents are planning violence. They claim we have already stolen the election but can you rig votes that haven’t been cast? They plan to wear NRM T-shirts, beat people at polling stations and claim that it is NRM responsible for this,” he said.

He however, sums up his statements urging NRM supporters to remain calm and avoid violence.

He says his party doesn’t believe in hatred and advises that the election shouldn’t divide people.

“Your neighbour is going to remain your neighbour after this election. NRM doesn’t believe in hatred. Be calm, we shall protect you,” He stated before leaving the podium.

However, president Museveni holds a different view on the planned violence.

He told the press that such threats by the opposition are being made purposely to intimidate people so that they don’t go to vote.

He said there is no one who will disrupt elections and prevailing peace and stability.


Kigongo’s current statements come exactly 14 years after those of former local government minister Jaberi Bidandi Ssali.

In 2001, during a hotly contested election between president Museveni and Reform Agenda presidential candidate [now FDC presidential candidate] Warren Kizza Besigye, the former minister came out on all airwaves and warned Ugandans against voting out Museveni from power.

He outted a radio announcement which was done in Luganda saying ‘Olina Keweekoledde? Oyagala Emirembe? Londa Museveni”.

This statement warned people against voting out Museveni because by voting him back to office, their peace and security of their property was well guaranteed.

Indeed, deep in the villages, the Bidandi statement sunk well into the minds of people who were after all, tired of war after enjoying peace for 15 years.

However, unlike in the Bidandi scenario where he made announcement, Kigongo this time goes to the rallies and informs people of what is about to befall them.

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