Kilembe Hospital Stores Burnt

Kilembe Hospital store burnt

A fire outbreak on Thursday afternoon destroyed property worth millions at Kilembe Mines Hospital in Kasese district.

Kilembe Hospital store burnt
Kilembe Hospital store burnt

The fire outbreak comes exactly eight months and one day after the hospital was devastated by the floods that his Kasese district on May 1, 2013.

The medical staff on duty worked tirelessly to put off the fire that burnt the mini store especially where some equipment is kept. The Assistant Medical Superintendent Dr. Robert Tiondi says among the equipment destroyed are those donated to the hospital in the aftermath of the floods.

Dr. Tiondi also mentioned mattresses, IV fluids, syringes, cannulas and some drugs among those medical equipment burnt by the afternoon fire.

Dr. Tiondi appeals to charitable organizations to come to the hospital’s rescue once more.

John Kigere, one of the nurses at the hospital, says they used sand, water and a fire extinguisher to put off the fire.

The Kasese Police Criminal Investigations Officer Godwin Tumugumye attributed the fire outbreak to an electrical short circuit inside the medical stores.

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