Killer’s Mother Banished From Village

Noah Serunjogi, the Regional Police Spokes person

Jennifer Namyalo, the mother of a man who killed his wife last Friday, has been forced to seek refuge at Kinoni police station in Lwengo district.

Noah Serunjogi, the Regional Police Spokes person
Noah Serunjogi, the Regional Police Spokes person

Namyalo has been ordered by angry villagers to leave Kyaagwe village in Nakakembe parish, Kiseeka sub county.

Namyalo’s son Anthony Mugumya is accused of having killed his wife Philister Nabadda on Friday. Mugumya hacked Nabadda to death at his mother’s home.

On Monday, villagers attacked her home. The villagers burnt down Namyalo’s house and destroyed household property. The villagers also cut down her banana plantation.

Police had to be called in to stop the mob from causing further damage.

The village chairperson, Bashir Sseguya, says the villagers decided to expel Namyalo from their area because they believe she conspired with her son to kill her daughter-in-law.

The villagers demanded that Namyalo either hands over Mugumya for trial or leave.

Namyalo is now being held at Kinoni police station for her own safety and because she does not have anywhere else to go. She has lived in Kyaagwe village for over 40 years.

The Southern Region Police Spokesperson Noah Sserunjoji condemns the mob’s actions. He says police will hunt down those who participated in impoverishing the old woman.

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