Decomposing body found in Maracha

Body of the yet to be identified woman found in a river in Maracha District.

Body of the yet to be identified woman found in a river in Maracha District.

Maracha – A dead body of an unknown female has been found in a River in Maracha district.

The decomposing corpse was discovered by three juveniles who had gone fishing at Ayi River, in Worogbo Village, Pabura parish, Nyadri Subcounty, in Maracha district.

According to the area LC 1 chairperson, Mr Ombata Luigi, his brother, Mr. Awama Nicolas came to inform him at 2:00 Pm on the incident.

“My brother, Mr. Awama Nicolas came to inform me that something has happened at Ayi River that I should come to see. On arrival, Mr. Awama escorted me to see the corpse. When I saw it, I could not identify who the person was. I asked my brother of how he came to know about the corpse, he told me that he was informed by three children who had gone fishing at the River and on discovering the corpse, the fled away” the area LC 1 chairperson narrates to Red Pepper, at the scene of the incidence.

“On reporting to Mr. Awama, he then asked the children to accompany him to the scene and later called me on the phone to come to the River. When I reached, Mr. Awama escorted me to see the body and after that, I ran to inform the police at Nyadri Sub County police post,” Mr. Ombata explains.

The body was in blue T-shirt and short light brown skirt.

At the scene, Red Pepper sighted the corpse a bundle of firewood floating on the River about two metres up from from the corpse and a dead cat fish could also be seen just beside the dead decomposing body.

The neck of the corpse was swollen with some red spots and the tongue, protruding out of the mouth.

Nobody could explain of the dead fish and no postmortem had been conducted by press time.

Resident of the village are perturb as this is the second incidence at the same location in less than half a year.

Mr. Ombata states that the corpse of the female, lies about 10 metres up stream from the point the was dumped in December, last year.

“Last year, another corpse was found here, at almost the at the same point but only apart about ten metres” Mr. Ombata explains.

” I reported the matter to police at the sub county post, they informed the District Police commander (DPC) who came with a team to see it and they could not retrieve the body that evening until the following day.

It was discovered the victim who hailed from ‘Baria Parish in Nyadri Sub County, was killed somewhere elsewhere but dumped in the River, at the scene. The corpse was given to the relatives, for burial” the village chairman continues his narrative.

He reveals that no suspect was linked and arrested in relation to the killing.

However, Maracha district police commander (DPC), Hiwumbire Hassan declined to talk about the decomposing corpse when Red Pepper at the scene.

The DPC deviated from commenting on the dead body to accusing the media of leaving out reporting on more vital issues and concentrate, instead on irrelevant matters.

He particularly cited a story where a police officer reportedly grabbed UGX. 14,000 from a poor widow in Oleba sub-county, who was found selling local brew, late in the evening, defying the presidential directive that bans gatherings, bars and night moments among others.

After quarrelling to relieve his anger, the DPC directed Red Pepper to contact the Regional Police spokesperson in Arua, for more information on the decomposing corpse.

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