LOVEY-DOVEY! VP Alupo, new lover wedding date revealed

VP Alupo and her new lover

VP Alupo and her new lover

The Vice President of Uganda Rtd Maj Jessica Alupo Epel, 47, is set to introduce her new lover to her parents this Saturday, Pepper Digital has exclusively learnt.

The ceremony will reportedly be held in Oigo Imomwa village, Ongongoja sub-county in Katakwi district.

The man in question is called Peter Abeine. His ancestry area is Kamwezi in Kabale district, South Western Uganda. His parents however, shifted from there many years back and settled in Kyangundu in Sheema county, formerly greater Bushenyi. Beine, 48, however decided to settle in Kiruhura district.

The function has been kept top secret. 100 guests have reportedly been invited. The groom has been asked to ensure his entourage does not exceed strictly 20 people.

Alupo’s father, George William Epel, who was a primary school head teacher, was killed in 2003 by the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels.

Only her mother, Bernadette Epel, is still alive.

A few days back and in these same pages we revealed that our Vice President Jessica Alupo was headed over heels with a new catch.

A source who happens to be knowing this man, 48, was simply made from heaven.

A source also informs us that Peter studied from St. Kaggwa High School Bushenyi for his O’Level. He performed so well and enrolled at St. Mary’s College Kisubi for his A’level. After his high school, a source adds that the man left Uganda for studies in the UK.

A Source describes Peter as a very humble but calculative man and secretive. Little is known about his love life up to date.

He loves spending big and before he hooked up the VP, he used to be in the circles of current Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa. In fact it is alleged that the two are very good friends.

A source also adds that, through his big name connections, he joined the government and first worked with the Ministry of Defence where it is alleged that he became so friendly with Jessica Alupo. A source also says that the two fondly interacted so much on working terms. He then joined Ministry Education when Hon. Jessica Alupo was the Education Minister.

A source also informs us that during that time when the VP lost her Katakwi woman Mp seat and subsequently dropped as a minister, her marriage with her first husband was already on the rocks.

Their neighbours in Namugongo where they used to stay told us recently that the couple would fight day in and out until the VP decided to relocate to Katakwi with their two children.

All that hard time, it is alleged Peter was always there for the VP. Word has it that it is Peter who encouraged her to give Politics another shot in the last elections only to bounce back not as a mere Mp but went on to be appointed VP. Another source alleges that Peter was the one responsible for the VP’s finances in the last elections.

On March 11th, 2022, residents of Sheema noticed an unusual security deployment in the area.

As excited villagers paced up and down to find out what was going on, it later emerged that it was the Vice President of Uganda, Jessica Alupo who had stormed the area.

Those in the know anticipated Alupo to be in the area the following day (12th March) to officiate at Sheema district Women’s day celebrations which were to be held at Kakindo town council Sheema District.

However, her presence a day before surprised everyone.

It later emerged that she was not in the area as a mere VP but also a future “daughter-in-law”.

Sources who eavesdropped on her phone conversations with someone who sounded like President Museveni, heard her telling him that she was that night going to sleep at her “other village”. This was understood to mean “her new man’s home village” [sic]

It is normal for the VP to brief her boss on her movements and schedules. We are told the President gave her blessings, sent greetings to the locals and on her instigation (after finding the place in darkness and full of dust with bumpy roads) , the President also promised a 30km first class murram road in the area and as well electricity extension in some parts.



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