Lukwago Goes To Supreme Court As Last Resort

Erias Lukwago (L) after he returned to office last Monday.

Erias Lukwago (L) after he returned to office on Monday.
Erias Lukwago (L) after he returned to office on Monday.

Embattled Kampala city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has run to the Supreme Court to reverse Monday’s decision by the Court of Appeal that ordered him out City Hall moments after he had resumed duty.

Lukwago in his interim injunction application wants the Supreme Court to allow him perform his mayoral duties until that time when his appeal challenging Justice Steven Kavuma’s decision is heard and determined.

He further wants the same court to stop the Electoral Commission (EC) from organizing Kampala mayoral by-elections pending the determination of his appeal.

Lukwago also wants the orders issued by Justice Steven Kavuma to be stayed pending the determination of the Supreme Court appeal filed today.

The Supreme Court will have the interim injunction application heard on April 7th, 2014. The Electoral Commission set April 17 as the date to fill the position of the Lord Mayor.

On Monday morning, Lukwago along with his supporters, made a triumphant entry to the City Hall, the seat of the Lord Mayor and resumed work after months of a political standoff in which he was barred from accessing his office.

The standoff started in November last year when Lukwago was impeached by a group of councillors who accused him of incompetence and abuse of office.  A Ruling on Friday by high court Judge Lydia Mugambe reinstated him and halted a planned by-election by the electoral commission.

However, his stay there was temporal as the Attorney General secured a Court of Appeal order that over turned the earlier orders by the High Court.

The Order issued by Justice Stephen Kavuma ordered Lukwago not to perform any functions of the Lord Mayor until the AG’s appeal is heard and determined.

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2 thoughts on “Lukwago Goes To Supreme Court As Last Resort

  1. The use of LAW to disorganize LAW is called “abuse of RULE of LAW”, and that is where we are in Uganda.

  2. What we need to understand is that KCCA alleged that Lukwago is incompetent and that he abused his then office and therefore they cannot work with him. I don’t think there is anyway out for him unless he proves that he is competent and that he did not abuse his then office otherwise, I don’t think he will win this case.

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