Lukwago Resumes Duty As Lord Mayor

The embattled Kampala City Lord Mayor has been granted access to his office at city hall.

Ati riot police deployed heavily
Ati riot police deployed heavily

Lukwago’s supporters were however blocked amid heavy anti-riot police deployment.

Last week, High court judge Lydia Mugambe ruled that Erias Lukwago is still the Lord Mayor of Kampala and that he must resume office.

The Judge insisted that the impeachment process was unlawful since a court order stopping the process was delivered on time. She also ordered the Electoral commission to stop plans to hold a bi-election in Kampala.

Police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba had earlier said the police would not dispute Friday’s court ruling which shows that Lukwago is the legitimate Lord Mayor.

Nabakooba however said they would not allow any procession in the city.

Lord Mayor lukwago

The minister for the presidency and Kampala, Frank Tumwebaze on Saturday said that he respects the decision of the High Court to nullify the impeachment of embattled Kampala city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago but disagrees with.

Tumwebaze stressed that the judge should have summoned him to hear his side of the story before condemning him for being contemptuous during the controversial impeachment of Lukwago last year.

“We respect the ruling of the High Court but we disagree with it.”

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10 thoughts on “Lukwago Resumes Duty As Lord Mayor

  1. Lukwago was with God as he was removed from Office by the self styled Lords of Kampala city council Like Musisi,Tumwebaze and Museveni and Lukwago has been brought back by God into Office as Police blocks his supporters from jubilation and St Paul commends people of God to jubilation with hose Jubilation much as Lukwago’s supporters were sorry with him when he was being embattled with the Government heavy weights.

  2. “We respect the ruling of the High Court but we disagree with it.”

    Who are “we” in this case? Is it the government, the presidency for which Mr. Tumwebaze is a servant, KCCA, or Tumwebaze and his family!

    Over to you Mr. Tumwebaze.

  3. The sheer magnitude of the smile on his face is a true reflection of the joy boiling up in the hearts of Kampala dwellers . Lukwago is a typical example of modern day Mandela. Amidst all the hullaballoo and circus that built up during his illegal impeachment, the Lord mayor remained composed, calm and collected. In this dot com era which is characterised by corruption and selfishness, very few individuals w’d resist the bait of a “brown envelope” so as to sway towards the opposite end. His resilience has set a new precedent and will be a constant reminder to those people who think that they can forcefully eject out of office whoever falls out of their favour.

  4. Do we need to have this drama ? , it is wasteful of resources the Tax payers are the suffers , the money spent in Court and Policing can be spent in support of Education , Works and Etc

  5. Museveni.Tumwebaze.Musisi Uganda forgives them and Lukwago has forgiven you because you didn’t know what you were doing even at this time should hurry to repent and God who is merciful shall forgive you all the mistakes done to all Politicians in Uganda Amen.

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