Luwero family Shocked, excited after Dead son Resurfaces

Luwero | RedPepper – A mixture of excitement and confusion gripped the people of Kyamatyansi village and the family of Christopher Kazirya and Gertrude Kazirya after their presumably buried son surfaced!

Their son, Bernard Wajja Nsamba, had just been buried about 4 days ago.  

On Tuesday, Kaziryas received the terrible (now false) news that their son Nsamba had been killed in a street fight on Monday.  

The family mobilized UG3 million and picked the purported body of their son from Kyamatyansi village in Nakaseke district where he was working on a farm and laid him to rest at their ancestral in Nalongo village in Luwero district.

Nsamba’s mother, Gertrude says that the deceased’s body they buried was badly disfigured, making it difficult to recognize his face.  

She says that they relied on the family aunt who falsely identified the body as that of Nsamba. Kazirya, however, says that as they were healing from the shock of burying their ‘son’, his brother, Godfrey Kawalya received a phone call on Friday indicating that they had buried the wrong person. 

According to Kazirya, they initially thought it was a group of conmen playing on their minds, but once they put their son on the phone, they easily recognized his voice. 

She says that they immediately asked Nsamba to return home because they had buried someone thinking that it was him.

Nsamba’s father, couldn’t hide his tears of joy when he saw his son alive. He hugged him and welcomed him home. Kazirya says that he is now waiting for police to identify the body of the man they buried before he allows them to exhume the grave.

Nsamba told URN that he was equally shocked to get news that he was pronounced dead and buried. He, however, confirms that he was in a bar in Kyamatyansi trading center with his auntie Nakiganda the day the unidentified man was killed but they left and returned to the farm safely.  

He says that on Friday morning, two men from the trading center went to work on the farm only to tell him that he was declared dead and buried at his ancestral home. He says that he rushed to the trading center and everybody was shocked to see him alive.

Residents immediately mobilized money for him and hired a boda boda, which transported back him to his family. Mike Lukwago says that his fellow boda boda riders declined to transport Nsamba to his village fearing that he could be a ghost. Lukwago says that he volunteered to transport Nsamba but he too kept checking to confirm that he was riding a human being. 

He delivered Nsamba to his home around 5 pm on Friday. Thereafter Relatives and residents gathered at Kazirya’s home to catch a glimpse of Nsamba, whose purported funeral they had attended. 

Richard Luwondera, the LC 1 chairman of Nalongo village said that they were yet to establish the identity of the person they buried. Isah Ssemwogerere, the Savannah Regional police spokesperson said that he was still waiting for police in Nakaseke to brief him on the incident.

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