Lwakataka Re-arrested, Charged With Murder Of Nine Family Members

Rally Ace Ponsiano Lwakataka in court.

Rally Ace Ponsiano Lwakataka is facing fresh charges of murdering nine family members in Kanabulemu village in Kyebe Sub-county in  Rakai district.


Lwakataka appeared on Tuesday before Hood Matovu, the Masaka Grade One Magistrate, where the nine counts were read for him.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges and was remanded to Masaka government prison until 10th October 2014 when he is expected to appear  before high court.

Lwakataka is charged under police file number KSRO CRB 015/2013, which was recalled by  Justice Mike Chibitah, the Director of Public Prosecution for re-examination.

It came after Suzan Awidi, the Kalisizo Grade one magistrate dismissed Lwakataka’s file saying it contained abnormalities and released him on bail.

However, Chibitah returned the file leading to the arrest of Lwakataka and susequent prosecution.

According to the file, Lwakataka is jointly charged with Asuman Muddu and Vincent Fegasi, a Tanzanian national for the murder of Pastor Steven Mugambe of Kyebe Pentecostal Church along with his 8 family members on January 13, 2014.

They are Noelina Nalinya,  Bena Nakivumbi, Jane Nakiwala, Christine Nasimbwa, Max Nakirijja, Dan Ssemwanga, Andrew Mpeirwe and Maria Nakajugo.

Three minors namely Julius Kiryowa, Josephine Nayiga and Margie Namugambe, all below 15- years- of age miraculously survived the attack.

The brutal murder of the family drew national attention. Preliminary police investigations linked  Lwakataka to the incident due to a long standing feud with the pastor over the donor funds from Denmark meant  for various church projects.

A few months after the incident,  police picked picked  Vincent Fegasi and Asuman Muddu in July respectively.  The duo was also produced in court on Tuesday alongside Lwataka and remanded to Masaka Prison.

Thaban Chiriga, the Rakai District CID says they are still hunting down more suspects in connection with the murder. He urges people with information about the matter to help police investigations saying they will be protected.

Lwataka’s lawyers Hassan Khamba and Julius Turinawe were in court when  he appeared on Tuesday.

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