Lymph Skin Disease Breaks Out in Kabale

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There is a reported outbreak of the Lymph Skin Disease in Nyamweru Sub County in Kabale district. According to livestock farmers, the disease has already claimed unspecified number of cattle. The most affected are Kakyenaga, Kyokyezo and Nyamweru parishes.


An infected animal presents with fever, nodules on the skin, mucous membranes and internal organs, emaciation, enlarged lymph nodes, oedema of the skin, which leads to death if the animal is left untreated.

Annah Kyogabirwe is one of those affected by the disease. She lost one of her only two cows. Kyogabirwe says they are now in tricky situation as some unscrupulous people have taken advantage of the outbreak to sell fake vaccines.


Simon Rushandagwa, a resident of Bwindi Village in Nyamweru Sub County has lost three cows to the disease. He faults the sub county leadership of failing to come to their rescue despite their pleas for help.

Moses Bwengye, the LC III chairperson Nyamweru sub county says they have already forwarded the farmers complaints to the district leadership for action.

He however, cautions farmers against concealing information especially when it concerns such diseases so that they can be contained before they spread further.

Justus Mastiko, the Kabale Chief Administrative officer has confirmed receiving notification about the disease. Matsiko says he has already directed Dr. Bernard Kabagambe to move in quickly and help the farmers save their animals.

He however, says the biggest challenge to the district is that they only have a single officer with skills of handling livestock diseases. In October last year, the Lymph Skin Disease claimed dozens of animals in Kashambya sub county.

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